Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


More with the pruning of the list. I don't tend to prune those I read religiously and regularly; my friends list is getting pretty insane, and I know I've been missing posts from the people I do read. I am not a devotee of the default view.

If I trimmed your journal from those I read on a regular basis, I hope you're not hurt. I do stop by my non-friended friend-of journals every now and then. If you wish to drop me, do so; if you don't, you're welcome to hang around. As it stands, I have 191 journals friended. Some of those are feeds and communities. Many of them are not.

Those who have been with me for some time will note that I don't have particularly many friends-locked entries. I've been locking some of my angst away recently, as there are some things that I'm not as comfortable with the whole world seeing, but most of my content is public.

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