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On the night of Valentine's Day, right around midnight, I got a phone call from someone who had my cellphone number. Someone who said they'd chosen me as a Valentine through the LJ valentine thing.

I was valentined by three people. One was my boyfriend, yaksha42. That was a mutual valentine. I was notified by the system that two people who I had not chosen had chosen me as a valentine. The system, of course, did not tell you who the people who chose you were. godai, who I have spoken with in the past, identified himself as one of the mystery valentines to me. [Edit: godai is in no way under suspicion of being the skunk here. It was not his voice on the phone.] This left one valentine unaccounted for, and the person who called me claimed that they were the one.

The person, whoever it was, made me play weird guessing games to figure out who it was, which irritated me, as I'd gone to bed early, and was exceptionally groggy. They eventually did make themselves known to me as someone who would have been in my "IRL Contact Information" filter, which at several points did contain my cellphone number.

Their reason for calling was personal, and shall remain clergy-sealed. In the course of the conversation following the clergy-sealed one, an entirely disconcerting incident happened, and I was too groggy to tell the bastard to go sodomize an unwilling sheep and leave me alone, and hang up.

I don't know whether the events discussed under the clergy seal happened or not, and I don't give a fuck. I do know that the person, whoever it was, made inquiries of me regarding my sex life, ones that started out perfectly within the boundaries established through previous, non-voice methods of communication, but ended up being demanding and far too intrusive.

After the conversation was over, I failed to respond to any more of this person's instant messages or comments, and then put their IM on ignore, because I had no wish for any more contact with them, ever, based on the phone conversation.

My cellphone is one of those cheap prepaid jobbies, and this past month's service has been brought to me by the number "Huh?" and an advertising scheme where past customers are given a month of service free of charge to try, and if they like it, they can pay for the following month(s) and keep it, or if not, they can not pay, and the service will go away by itself, no harm no foul. Paid service includes Caller ID and 500 long distance minutes a month. Free service does not.

During the conversation, the person's word choice and subject choice were entirely consistant with the person I thought it to be, except I'd never suspected the person I thought it was to be quite that crass. Topics discussed did include good ol' Shawn, and this person displayed a level of familiarity with Shawn consistent with the person who I think it to have been. Sadly, being that I was half-asleep at the time, I cannot remember whether this person and I discussed events immediately local to them or not. But this person did identify themselves to me well enough to get past my bullshit filters, which leaves me with a 99.9% certainty that it was, indeed, this person who called and was an utter ass.

Now, this person is confused as to why I have not been responding to their usual methods of hailing me, has been making queries, and does not remember ever calling me.

Either that person is innocent, and someone who has or faked a speech pattern consistent with their writing borrowed their identity, or that person is not only a jackalfucking arse for being that excessively crude in the first place, but lying to me and everyone else about it.

The incident was sufficiently disturbing to me to convince me that I do not want any contact with this person again if they are indeed the skunk. I have not been broadcasting their name because of that uncertainty; I've played the mudslinging game before with insufficient information that I thought was sufficient, and always wound up losing.

I consider this breech of trust serious enough to risk losing an innocent friend over.

I've dealt with people who can lie that well before. I've had friendships blow up in my face. Relatively few, thank gods, even though I didn't handle it well when it happened. I'm not about to try to alienate the friends of the person from them. I'm not about to go banning everyone connected with the person. I am putting someone who may be entirely innocent in the unenviable and logically impossible position of proving a negative when the judge won't listen. That is why this is my personal judgement only, and I'm not identifying the person who I think it to have been to anyone who is not involved with the situation, because I don't 100% know, and I have very little way of ever knowing.

IF you think you know who I think it to have been, PLEASE do not start the mudslinging. Feel free to gripe over assholes, twits, creeps, jerks, bitches, bastards, and other forms of lowlife scum such as the person who actually made the phonecall.

nalidoll has suggested an innovatively simple way for figuring it out. If the suspected were to call me, and identify themselves, then I would either recognize the voice or not. If not, then it would clearly not be that person. If so: well then. If ambiguous...

(I'm not sure if my cellphone still has service. If so, it's a reasonable experiment. If not, then no. I am not giving out my home number to someone of dubious trustworthiness.)

And that's about where it stands right now.

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