Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


I managed to get 9 interviews in 6.5 hours. For my work, I got off an hour early (will look nasty on the paycheck, given how much I'm not working this week) and a coupon to get a 15 minute break card. What with the break cards I get from walking to work every day (my company is concerned for the environment) this makes 45 minutes I can cash in any time my supervisors feel like letting me.

It actually wasn't such a bad survey I was on today -- about people's opinions about the environment and oil companies -- I just wish I knew that these would be used for good and not evil.

I did subvert the system a bit and put down "Human" as per the guy's request for race. I could very well have made it a refused question, but I like to do that for people when they ask me.

If I'm ever ordered not to, I hope I'll have another job lined up right quick.
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