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Azure Jane Lunatic

'Eww' moments

Somehow, a discussion about Something Positive and Sexy Losers turned into me and votania relating the very, very, very sanitized (and still ever so gross) version of 'the lobster story' to reichiere, hinoai, and the other chick.

It was a news story that was archived at one of those sites that exists to archive the just plain gross, as well as darkly funny. Basically...

I'm not kidding.

There are some things that one should not use to pleasure oneself.

A woman bought a live lobster, and used it as it ought not to be used. This lobster had mud shrimp eggs on it. This is not unusual, but under normal circumstances, when lobsters are cooked, the mud shrimp eggs are killed and everything proceeds normally.

This was not normal.

The mud shrimp eggs wound up inside the woman (not surprising, given how the lobster was employed) and, due to Very Bad Timing, hatched inside her, resulting in general unpleasantness and her eventual death.

Needless to say, this pushed the squick buttons of all present.

We certainly make excellent first impressions.

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