Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Girl Talk

Stayed up far too late last night talking to votania about Darkside, and stuff. Needed to datadump at someone who knew him too, and shared plans for Communicating With Exes, because some reassurance in that sector would do him a world of good. Honestly, of all her exes, I think she gets along with him the best... her only reason for not keeping contact with him is that he's Way Over There, and he almost never stops by...

Dawn called this morning, when I was still fuzzyheaded and bleary-eyed. Woke up, chatted with her about stuff. Told her about Bald Guy's run-in with the semi. She sends her best wishes.

Called Darkside at 9:30-ish. He was still asleep. Oops. I have abysmal timing with him.

redshoeson IMed me that she was on her way, then called me when she was right out front. She got here a little earlier than she'd anticipated; she was later than she might have been due to the getting lost factor. We datadumped at each other for a while, and made names and definitions clear. Shared some old stuff. Good ol' Shawn.

Having girl talks is good.

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