Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Math! Yay!

Little Fayoumis is working on math. He's been working on that in some of the activity books that Mommy got for him, so he is down with the concepts. He's just learning to put them together right.

He tried using plus to line the numbers up together, and seeing what that made; I told him to not think of the numbers, but to think of things. Like, when you have one plus zero, think if you had one bead, and you put zero beads next to it, how many would you have? One! Yay!

And if you had zero beads, and you put zero beads next to it, you still have zero.

I think he will do all right with math, because I'm good at it, and the reason I hated it for so long was because I didn't get some of my fundamental concepts down. We can get this, and get it very well.

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