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There was, like, this planet. And/or this spaceship. And, like, there was a storage section, for stuff like frozen things and spare doors.

And there were these alien ships orbiting around the planet, trying to hit it in specific places (targets A, B, and C).

And there was a weather guy or something maintaining contact with one of the UFO's, where it was just a single UFO pilot and this weather guy becoming friends. And I think the name was Daniel, or Mike, or something like that. And eventually the weather guy, who had been making predictions about where the next strike was going to take place, invited the UFO guy down to meet with. But the UFO guy said no: he couldn't.

The weather guy pressed. The UFO guy said, "But I could not. It would make me too sad. You see, I have no body." And, that being a suitably dramatic exit line, he zipped off, never to be seen 'round these parts again in the near future. The weather guy was left going, "But, but, we could share mine or something.... dude? You there?"

I put a standing alert to read anything published by either of the flagged names if they published again, and went back to my darkened room, where I was surprised to find a comment from LJ from a relative random.

I didn't know them, and didn't know anything about them, and nothing about them had drawn me to investigate them; I had a strong "Who the hell is this?" feeling upon seeing the username, the usual "I don't know this person... why are they replying to my journal?" with the undertone of "I sense that this person and I have little in common, including basic cognitive skills in that vast list of things that we do not share, and I seem to be the one in possession of them: so very little in common, in fact, that even if I expended the effort to try to get to know them, I would not find it worth my while." I don't get that sense about too many people. (Often, my emotional response to strangers replying in my journal is curiousity, and delight that they and I have found each other, however meandering the road to that finding may be.) This comment had some flavour of anonyminity to it, somehow; it was either a signed anonymous comment (and I was in a position where I got a lot of these) or a comment from a journal that had not been very well-personalized (no userpic or one of the standard ones, no or little bio content, and only quizzes in the journal itself), and I did not care to get to know the person underneath that.

Their comment ran something along these lines:

This is my second contact with you, and I don't think it's worth my while to do this, because the first time I contacted you, you were quite rude in your response to my comment. But [blah blah blah in response to my journal entry].

I sat down to write a response.

First of all, I don't know you, as you have not introduced yourself. I looked up the first contact in question, and I honestly do not see what was rude about that. You had a good 2k of solid plain text, with no paragraph breaks, in response to a nearly completely unrelated entry, so unrelated, in fact, that it was as if you had posted it in response to another journal entry, only I have no idea what entry that would have been, since it wasn't an entry I had made, though you were referring to characters and situations found in my journal. You were evidently doing so in an attempt to be helpful, and while I appreciate the thought, that honestly wasn't helpful at all, and if you'd bothered to read the entry in question, which it did not sound like you had, I am reasonably certain I'd already gone over why some of those things would not work.

I did respond to your comment, thanking you for your concern briefly, and saying that I doubted any of those would be helpful. Um. That was, in this context, rude? Ooooookay.

I had more that I was going to say, and I was going to make it an entry, as well (me being somewhat more famous of a journalist-type then than I am in the waking world), but then, I woke up.

I mean, irrelevant is perfectly all right. It's great! But when I have just posted that X is irrelevant to me, because of N, I do not expect to see 2k of text on X-1, (with the -1 being for the level of informed on X) with attempts to relate X-1 to me that use the names of the people I know, but have no actual resemblance to even what little of their personality has managed to shine through into that one entry. I mean, I could see why someone would post text on X, +1 informed from my position, with carefully-considered reasons as to why it might in fact be relevant to me where I thought it had not been. That, I might have found useful.

But even so, I thanked the commenter for their interest and information, and mentioned that the information given had not been useful. Was I supposed to pretend that it was great insight, and take the advice to heart, when it would have made the situation in question worse?

I woke up before I could finish the minirant, and before I got around to reading to remember the rest of their comment, which I vaguely remember had been more irrelevance of the useless-trying-to-be-Deep Wisdom nature.

So, lacking the comment from the terminally clueless, I present the exchange anyway. I'm glad to see that the majority of the randoms who do stop by are not, um, idiots. Shout-out to the lurkers...

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