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Lunch, IEEE, and Little Fayoumis

I hit the IEEE meeting, which had two six-foot subs in place of the usual array of pizzas. Ham and cheese.

As I am only formally restricted in my diet to exclude pork in the general company of votania's family, I had some. Yum! Sandwiches are much of the Good.

One of the evening teachers presented about .NET, which was interesting. He was talking about classes that I haven't taken yet, for the meat of the presenation, but the happy programming stuff went over well.

Came home to find that, in the words of Teacher, Little Fayoumis "chose to use the word 'Bitch' today". Mommy had already washed out his mouth with soap.

Lunch is going to be interesting, I think. I wound up giving the fridge a leftover-inspection, and tossing one strip of meat, a container of mixed veggies, and the carrots and celery, which had molded in the veggie crisper. Oops. Little Fayoumis helped me relay the objects to the trash.

He did eat his no-thank-you helping of mixed corn and green beans all gone, with the aid of a liberal application of ketchup. Ketchup makes the whole world better. After that, he polished off another helping of leftover mac & cheese with hot-dog sausages. He was dubious, because he didn't want seconds on the veggies, but he didn't get those. No fuss, no bother, except for the visit to the bathroom in the middle of it. One of the reasons he's slow about doing some things is when he's not sure of the protocol on it, and doesn't want to get in trouble.

The method I taught him for knocking seems to be working. He knocks three times, then stops and listens and waits. Instead of yelling, "Open up!" he should call, "Is anyone home?" After waiting, he knocks a few more times. Then he waits again.

He had to go to the corner after lunch, briefly. I told him he could leave his dishes where they were, momentarily, because eris_raven was eating her lunch in the kitchen, and she runs away from her food if anyone walks close to her. So, of course, he goes and gets some toy cars... and walks into the kitchen, and Eris runs away from her food, and he scolds her for doing so.

He goes to the corner, as I had told him only a few minutes before to NOT go in the kitchen. He had not been listening.

He is learning about putting his toys down when he does something else. He has a habit of taking his toys, tucking them under his chin or something like that, and doing tasks sloppily because his focus is on not dropping his toys. I am teaching him to put his toys DOWN before doing stuff. I am also teaching him that "Put your toys down" never means "Throw that to the floor this instant". It means set them down on the table or put them away in your toy box. (If I mean "Throw that to the floor right now", I will say it. Explicitly.) If he does throw his toys to the floor, he gets grounded from the toy in question and cornered.

This time, when putting his dishes away, he tried the tuck-toy-under-chin trick. I asked him, "What do you do with your toys when you're doing something else?" and he said, "Oh," and put the cars in the toy box, put his dishes in the sink, then trotted back to get the toys and play.

It's a typical day, in other words.

(I have the habit of expanding on the usual events so Mommy doesn't miss out on them. It's the least I can do for her.)

He's playing quietly and happily in the West bedroom now. Next up on the agenda with him: teaching him about the bathroom fan so that the West bathroom does not always have the overpowering and abiding odor of stale piss. Men. I swear.

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