Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Knowledge, friendship, trust.

I hate to be spurred to make entries friends-only.

I rarely trust people I don't know. ...There's a thin line between things sometimes. I hit it off with complete strangers. I grow to hate people I've known for years. (Granted, I never liked them to start with.) I'm flattered when complete strangers think me interesting enough to correspond with.

We're a bitch. When we're unhappy about something, we're more of a bitch. It's hard to know when you're someone I like or someone I don't care much for until one of us tells you. Most people are neutral. If they do something that pisses me off, I don't care to interact with them. If they are pleasant and interesting, interacting with them is a pleasure. Some people I just find obnoxious: see Shrimpy. Some people are friends.

If you're a friend, chances are you know it. I will likely have friended you back, for starters. If you're an acquaintance, I may not have...


I do dispense cluebats. The character in question and I had an exchange, and he unfriended me, at my request.

Some combinations of people work, some don't.

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