December 29th, 1991

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In which our Heroine muses about many things. From the tiny blue binder.

Dec. 29, 1991
Dear Diary,

I had a dream with Ty in it. The one I had on the 27th had Ty in it. The dream started out as riding a bus, then it got dream-like by getting impossible. In the dream, we were all in my bed, but it was like the whole upstairs had been turned into something else. There was a war going on, and a fire. Then there was some valuable thing that we had that people were trying to get. People were also after me and my friends. The Ty part was when we were sailing down the river together to escape. The people after us were awful ladies that thought they were sorceresses. I love Ty. [demonstration of the way he writes his own name] [many hearts] I think I'd better get up. I stayed up past midnight, so it is 9:47. So I think I'll call Michelle. [many kisses] to Ty.
On Jan. 16, 1992, you will be one year old. I am going to count the pages I used up in less than one year. 126 is the count, each side as a page. I think I will make this diary last until January 1, then put these pages in order in a safe place, then fill up this old blue book with new pages, and have a clean slate for 1992. I wonder what will be coming in that year. Maybe "love may come and tap me on the shoulder" on one of those "starless nights" that the song was talking about.
Ty is so humorous. When we were in third grade, Ty came along to [my sister]'s and my snowfort and tried to sell us vacuum cleaners. I slammed the "door" (there wasn't one) shut in his face. History of memorable events when I knew Ty: vacuum-cleaner salesman, "Chickens in the trees" on 4th grade hike, 5th grade; in my class, singing The Song on the way back from rollerskating, giving his "my favorite color is green" poem in the speech contest; 6th grade, in my class, noticing that Torgen's pants were on backward, on one Terrible Thursday when I got in an argument with David K., who I hated then, but tolerate now, I sat next to him and felt better, falling in love with him in Mr. P's math class where Nicole and Sarah were in our group for some reason so since Gaia came late, she was going to sit next to Ty, but I let her have my seat and sat next to Ty instead.
Adieu, Joan & Joni
132 pages now, 40 pages left.