May 5th, 2001

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O gods -- *am* I collecting Davids? Sure looks like it. That's scary, when guys start to identify themselves as "one of Joanie's Davids" ... especially when they *are*.
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running, bomb tech


Argh. I was so seriously falling asleep on the phones. You'd think that since I have so much phone time at work, I'd stay away from the blasted thing at home, but nooooo....

Know I need to rant about something or other, but the only thing I can think of at the moment is how IE5 is crashing on me at least once a day.
running, bomb tech


I mentioned that my computer got hacked the other day, right? Same guy comes over today and wants to talk to my computer. My sis put her foot down. Now my computer's sulking at me, because my computer wanted to talk to the hacker.

I'm amused.
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Cooked, for once. Chicken fried rice with eggs and veggies too. Of course, Little Mr. Hyper didn't hardly touch the stuff. That's mostly because of the bagel he was munching on immediately prior to dinner while I was cooking, which he didn't finish either, so I'm not insulted.

Kid hates hot (temperature-wise) stuff.

Got to get him to bed starting in about four minutes. I will embark upon my campaign now.

Hah! Success!! I waited cunningly until he'd finished his car racing game, rolled the chair away from the computer with him still in it, snatched him up and deposited him in bed, and started Pokemon while the computer got shut down. He got used to the idea of Pokemon before bed, then I said he'd have to go potty and brush teeth before finishing watching Pokenom, evilly but effectively turning it off until such tasks were accomplished.

Hee hee hee. I'm gaining serious experience points from this.
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running, bomb tech


Bedtime. Finally. Little boo had to get out of bed 3 times to get more dinner. Silly kid. Finally sat him down and told him that this was the last time and NO, he was not going to see his Pokemon video again; he'd seen it enough already.
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the evening chat

all these guys with names starting with D. Is it some sort of sign?
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