May 8th, 2001

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More Ants

Gods, I'm getting sick of this. Came home from school yesterday to find that the kitchen was all anty. Sis and I got irritated and got the Lysol spray. We cleaned the hell up. Last time it was sis's work shoes; this time it was a couple stray crumbs from the moon cake baking the night before, and some cornbread. New house rule: sweep kitchen every morning. That oughtta take care of it. Her shoes live outside now.

Side note: cayenne pepper stains linolium, epecially when combined with Lysol spray. Sis has to bleach the hell out of it, and rather overdid the bleach. She's leaving me to do my own bathroom, which is fair. I'll have to do something especially nice for her, 'cause she's just awesome.
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These are the days.

People have told me that it's your high school years that are the best years of your life. Not so. My high school years were filled with depression, suicidal friends, suicidal self, multiple personalities (and we did have a blast talking to each other) and evil evil homework.

College, on the other hand....

I have an adorable nephew, an awesome sister, a brother-by-courtesy who's the best friend I could wish for, a biological family who sticks the heck together, and a whole collection of wonderful friends both online and off.

These are the days.

I may bitch and moan about dealing with ant invastions, or auntie crises, or work, but face it, if I were doing this by myself I'd still be in the corner of the apartment in Bachelor Hall* whimpering and hiding under a blanket. But these are the days. I have never been this happy in my life.

(*a particular apartment I used to live in, featuring 4 single guys and me)

The other day, after heading on an Epic Shopping Trip to Sam's Club, my sis and nephew and I were driving back down Central, and it was just a perfect afternoon. The sun was low, the weather was cooling off and getting slightly more mellow, the windows were down, we were happy, Xzibit in the tape deck, cruising down Central in a beat-to-hell car, just having an absolute blast.


Holy cow, I'm happy.
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I still hate ants

Finally got bitten by ants yesterday. Stings like an SOB. I don't seem to be allergic though, which is a good thing. Today I see no ants.
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Full Moon last night...

Sis got bitten by a cat about a month ago. Joke was that she'd turn into a werecat this full moon. Today I show up at school sporting bandages. I had to go out on a late-night run to the store for milk when I got in from work yesterday. And I forgot to buy catnip....
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Romance? Never!!

Today noticed that the guy I've been dreaming about on a regular basis has an admirer who's not me. Chatting with him in the hallway about regular stuff, and this Other Girl comes up and starts talking to him. She mentions that she hasn't had a chance to talk to him lately 'cause he's either playing video games or he's talking to "this nice lady" (indicating me). I realize it's time for English and I've got to boogie.

So as I'm heading off, I see her lean over and give dude a hug!!

Alarm bells begin to go off.

If he wants a romance with her, that's fine, though I may need to spend some time sitting on the floor of the closet with hands folded and "Crying In The Rain" blasting before I'm OK with it. She's not my sister and I don't know if she'd treat my dear friend right.

If he's not OK with the idea of her trying to start a romance with him?

Watch out, world!!
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All His Database Revisited

...or not. Looks like the zip disk is DOA. Dudes? Apparently DeVry-Phoenix has zip drives that corrupt your disks, so beware!!

Poor dude.
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Life and how to live it

My bathroom still smells like cayenne pepper. It makes me sneeze. At least my bathtub no longer has all those skanky black marks in the bottom. Ah, Lysol. *hee hee*

I think I need to do laundry.
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Just realized that I'd taken off all my rings to do cleaning. Sis didn't realize what bleach and/or ammonia does to silver, so her regular ring is all nasty-looking right now. My fingers feel naked.

At least my favorite ring isn't all nasty this time though.
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Am often forgetting to say my quarter-daily prayers these days. I'm supposed to start attuning myself to the cycles of the day by noticing sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight. I usually miss noon. I notice sunset, though. Don't always observe, but notice.

I am so sick of Pokemon.
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Bedtime, the rehash.

Kid is tired. Kid has a way of not eating enough at dinner, then being hungry at bedtime, and using that to stay up longer. I am so sick of Pokemon.