May 9th, 2001

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Eventful, to say the least. Let us begin:
Getting up in morning.
Getting kid out of bed.
Getting kid to preschool on bus.
Getting to school myself.
Maintaining focus during breakfast with one of the two gentlemen left on this planet.
Going to math class.
Ditching math class 'cause the attendance scanners were offline.
Ditched Access lab, hung in cafeteria with the One True Gentleman in Arizona. Discussed the state of the universe and the brawl that just occured in his stats class, featuring an acquaintance of his and a nemesis of ours.
Corrected various rumors floating around about the brawl.
Corrected the rumor in particular that it was my sister who'd been the other party in the brawl. (For some reason, the other character, the nemesis with the cellphone and the clueless attitude, was never confused with anyone else.)
Visited library. Found book.
Visited Student Services to try to get the lowdown on the brawl; ended up printing job info for a position I'm pursuing and getting a new ID card made, 'cause the one I've had doesn't scan in the library.
Got another book from the library just to make sure the new card worked.
Chatted with the other class genius from my class group; the books I was reading attracted his interest. Got more lowdown on Shrimpy's backstory, the little creep.
Let dude borrow my extra book during Access class.
Chatted with different guy after class; he's looking for a new place to live. Roommates, anyone??
Came home, found that something pretty essential we'd been waiting for had arrived in the mail. No ants.
Got online and immediately got contact with a friend I haven't seen f2f in six years now.

Wow. And it's only 2:30.
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Secret Admirer?

Fortunately, I noticed today that on the appropriate finger of the lady who hugs the Only Gentleman In Arizona, is a sparkly ring. Whewh.
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Somebody's afraid of water. But guess who started swimming, or at least attempting to swim, today, on his very own!! He'd been sticking to the long shelf that runs the length of the shallow end, and occasionally venturing down the step to stand at the edge, and lately he'd been dangling his feet over but scootching back...

I'd been pretending not to notice, because he was doing it so quietly that he didn't want anyone to notice, so I was actually taken by surprise today when I had to shoo him out of the pool filter ... and then realized where he was.

I think it was the goggles that did it; now he's not afraid to get his face a little wet. Either that, or I refused to let him take the floaties off until he learned to swim really well, and I told him this in great detail.

Mommy doesn't know yet. We'll let her know when she comes home from work. She's going to be so happy!
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Well, looks like bedtime has been more successful this time, though I won't know until the ending commercials are over on the Pokemon video. Jigglypuff Pop, for those who are interested. The only bloody Pokemon video we have. I was so tempted to get a large package of Pokemon videos at Sam's Club for one low bargain price, only there weren't any. Drat!!

I hope he's asleep. He ate a lot of dinner, then got a snack afterwards. He was hoping for more cookies the second time, but I said NO and offered applesauce instead, and left a glass of water for him in his and Mommy's bathroom, which ought to cut down on the "Joanie, I'm thirsty" bit; he can just go get his own. Now, if he just stays DOWN now that I've got him in... the two hours in the pool ought to have helped a lot.

It's night. I should sleep.