May 17th, 2001

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One of those danged surveys:

Beauty secret: Sleep. Noxema, concealer, and a lipstick color that doubles as blusher in a pinch.
I'm always carrying: a pen, a notebook
In the tape deck: I think it's Oingo Boingo, Dead Man's Party
Top bookmarks:, (thank you David!!!!),,,,,,, ... hmm, what others?
Newspaper: N/A
Alarm set for: 5:30 am. Usually. Unless I have to babysit and I stayed up late.
First celebrity crush: David Duchovny. Or Leonard Nimoy. I think Leonard Nimoy.
Childhood nickname: Joanie.
First record bought: R.E.M. : Document
Would you rather be hanged or beheaded? Beheaded. And my head fired from a cannon at the White House. Preferably when Bush is in...
Lindsey McDonald or Alex Krycek? Who the F is McDonald? I'll go with Krycek.
Who is your favorite Beatle? Beatle? Huh? ...Oh. Band. Right. Um.... dunno. Chekov?
Ewan McGregor or Jude Law? Obi-Wan all the way.
What was the last book you read? Modern Magick 2nd Edition, Donald Michael Kraig. Recreationally, Icefire, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens.
Okay, do you consider boyband slash to be real person slash, or not? Boybands are not real. End of topic.
Drama or comedy? Since my life is drama, I'd go with comedy.
Buffy or Cordelia? Don't watch the show, though my friends say I should...
If you went to Caritas, what song would you sing? No clue. What's Caritas?
What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid? None. No TV.
What is your favorite cartoon now? Ummmm... does anime count? Trigun.
Gold or silver? Let's see. I would be a Winter, since I can get away with wearing black and can't wear orange. That would make it.... silver.
Charles Dickens or Ernest Hemingway? Never read Hemingway; liked Dickens.
For love or money? Love. Always.
What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Non NC-17 rated guilty pleasure, romance novels. NC-17 rated... heh. Only one or two people know that one (not you, David) and I'm not telling and neither are they.
If a woman were running for president and you didn't agree with her politics, would you vote for her anyway because she's a woman? Absolutely not.
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Well, at least I have a reliable way to get the kid in bed for some quiet time, even if he doesn't sleep. If he's watching a movie on the big screen in the living room, I just switch it to the little screen in the bedroom, thanks to the miracles of modern technology, this being the coaxial cable switch that lets the TVs share the VCR.

Still holding firm on the Barney issue. Thank the gods.
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awww, fuck

Think I just provoked an angst-ridden post by good friend.

It's never my intention to make other people unhappy, unless that person has done something major to me or my friends, but somehow I end up doing that anyway with my friends.

Reality probably overrides online, when it comes to stuff like relationships and stuff.

Even if the real-life relationship is just theoretical and not even a possibility yet.

I don't want to hurt my online friend, but ...

...this thing that's happening now... could well be the most important relationship I've ever had.

I can't risk screwing it up, and I'm afraid that by continuing the online relationship as long as I have, I may have already screwed with it.

I hope it's recoverable.

Technically, it should be, since neither of us is promised to anyone, much less each other.

I hope it works.
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