May 20th, 2001

horny, Divine Oscillations


doing the whole voice conversation thing is *dangerous*, especially when you and he have sort of broken up....

...OUCH, is all I can say.

Very ouch.

....and it was just pointed out to me that my mad crush on David Duchovny is ... gee ... *another* David!!

Argh. Or ... OUCH!!!!
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Uh-Oh... doubled

You know how I was up until all hours late late last night with This Guy?

Well, I had another one of those conversations with the guy I shall continue to call Alan.

This time we talked for at least two hours. At least. Neither of us was really paying attention to the time, I think. It was very fun. Rated R for language, but nothing else.

But... I think I've got a *date* .... !!!!!!