May 23rd, 2001

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Crashing soon.

Just got a very weird ICQ message from some random character asking help with decoding the following English phrases:

what means: oh my gosh, i can´t get rid of you


and then she wrote i just hug my dog meanwhile
Blör: (12:48 AM) what means hug?

Here. Have a transcript.

96598306: (12:44 AM) hi
Azure Lunatic: (12:45 AM) hi?
Blör: (12:45 AM) can you help me with some english words please?
Azure Lunatic: (12:45 AM) I guess. I was just about to crash for the night though.
Blör: (12:45 AM) what means: oh my gosh, i can´t get rid of you
Azure Lunatic: (12:46 AM) Um.
Blör: (12:46 AM) um?
Azure Lunatic: (12:46 AM) "oh my gosh" is an all-purpose exclamation
Blör: (12:46 AM) oh
Blör: (12:46 AM) and the rest?
Azure Lunatic: (12:47 AM) "I can't get rid of you" would imply that this person was trying to lose you but was failing miserably.
Blör: (12:47 AM) oh
Azure Lunatic: (12:47 AM) does that help any?
Blör: (12:48 AM) yes thank you!
and then she wrote i just hug my dog meanwhile
Blör: (12:48 AM) what means hug?
Azure Lunatic: (12:48 AM) that doesn't make any sense when taken out-of-context.
Azure Lunatic: (12:49 AM) Hug = embrace
Blör: (12:49 AM) mmm, but thank you!
Blör: (12:50 AM) good night
Azure Lunatic: (12:50 AM) goood night.
Blör: (12:51 AM) here it´s 9:45 in the morning :-)
Azure Lunatic: (12:51 AM) here it's getting close to 1 in the morning.
Blör: (12:52 AM) oh

Weird. I tell you, Stuart, it's those aliens!
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At last....morning!

Not much in the way of sleep. Bumbled out of bed at 5:27 as usual. Got shower. Sister's car is most likely toast. She was going to take it to the shop today. Oops.

Had breakfast with usual suspect. I am developing a taste for RPG's, if only the see-this-isn't-it-nifty aspects.

He looks really cute without that beard. I like it. I hope he doesn't decide to cut his hair. Long hair on guys is a necessity.
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vast quantities of nothingness

I want to be in a position to keep the mean people in the world from being nasty to the rest of the world someday.

That's all. I think that's enough.

I want to be published, too, but ... I've been writing less lately.

Not sure whether I've been thinking more or less. Less frivolous thought, to be sure.
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Finding Mr. Wright

...No one could, so class was cancelled. :)

Conversation in hall: "Have you found Mr. Wright?" "No, have you?"
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Lock, stock, and copyright.

Been meaning to read Michael Moorcock ever since his books were mentioned in such a fashion in Children of the Night.

This morning I sat down with the One True Gentleman for breakfast. We usually end up reading if there's nothing pressingly important that needs discussing. Today I was in the middle of my usual textbook, and he was in the middle of some D&D manual. I inquired when he giggled, and before I knew it we were sitting close together (but with at least a foot of space between us) reading the same book, with him pointing out the highlights.

This would be a guide for putting Elric and friends (and, apparently, enemies) into the D&D world.

We sat there giggling over the thing for about two hours. It's great to have friends.
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Survey from Gari-San

1. What time is it: 11:11 pm

2. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Joan. I leave the rest to your imagination.

3. Nicknames: Joan, Joanie, Joni, Joani, Shanna, Azz, Azure Lunatic, Silence, Shadow, Rose

4. Parents names:

5. Number of candles on your last b-day cake: 20

6. Date that you regularly blow them out: June 04

7. Pets: One red siamese fighting fish, male, named Fire Blossom

8. Height: 5'6"

9. Eye color: Hazel, currently mostly green (weird...they're usually brown....)

10. Hair color: Dark brown/black.

11. Piercing: left ear two, right ear one.

12. Tattoos: None.

13. How much do you love your job on a scale from one 1-10: Maybe 3. Maybe.

14. Hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska.

15. Current Residence: Phoenix, Arizona.

16. Have you been in love: Oh yes. For 17 years, more or less.

17. Currently in love: I *love*, but I'm not *in* love, if that makes any sense.

18. Favorite thing about e-mail: Keeping in touch with all those people I meet from all those weird places.

19. Been toilet papered: Nope.

20. Loved someone so much it made you cry: When haven't I?

21. Been in a car crash: Fortunately not.

22. Croutons or Bacon bits: Croutons -- my sister keeps kosher.

23. 2 door or 4 door car: No door car. My car is in Alaska, four. My sister's dead car, two.

24. Coffee or ice cream: Both. Together.

25. Blanket or stuffed animal: Plastic lightsaber.

26. Best Color: Smoke blue/grey with black.

27. Salad Dressing: Italian.

28. Socks color: Black.

29. Book you're reading: The Golden Bough

30. Favorite Movie(s): Um. Do I have to choose? The Matrix, The 5th Element, anything by Monty Python...Star Wars... um ... Science fiction in general? Oh, and Much Ado About Nothing. Kenneth Branaugh rocks.

31. Favorite Foods: Homemade pizza with everything.

32. Song playing at the moment: Nothing.

33. Favorite song(s): "Crying in the Rain" A-Ha, just about anything by R.E.M. but especially "Near Wild Heaven" and "Try Not to Breathe" ... hell, the whole Automatic For The People disk.

34. Favorite Resturant: Denny's or Golden Shanghai

35. Flower: wild Alaskan rose, the pink kind with thorns all over that break off in your skin and hurt like hell

36. Least Favorite food: The muck they serve in the University of Alaska Fairbanks cafeteria.

37. Sport to watch: Fencing.

38. Fast food resturant: Probably Burger King. At least they have half-decent swill.

39. When was your last hospital visit: eh, a month ago with my sister for her allergic reaction. For me, in October with my ankle.

40. Drink: favorite drink, Mountain Dew. Last drink: mountain Dew.

41. What color is your bedroms carpet: Tannish. Came with the apartment.

42. How many times did you fail your driving permit test: Zero.

43. Where do you see your self in 10 years: Soccer mom. Maroon minivan. Maybe some kids of my own, maybe just my nephew and his entire gang of friends.

44. Who is the last person you got mail from before this one: I think my sister, biological from AK.

45. Have you ever been convicted of a crime:No.

46. Which single store would you choose to max your credit card: Lady Sprite's Cupboard

47. What do you do most often when you're bored: Write.

48. What words or phrases do you overuse: "Oh, *gods*..." and "the sound of one fangirl blushing" / "the sound of one fanboy blushing"

49. Friend who lives farthest away: Either the Alaska delegation or the East Coast delegation. Don't know if any of my online friends are out of country.

50. Most annoying thing: My gods damned ISP that takes me offline every five minutes especially during *intimate* conversations, and evangelists.

51. Best thing: Hanging with my two best friends.

52. Bedtime: Whenever it has to be...I get up at 5:30 to get to school around 6ish.

53. Who will respond the fastest and who's not likely to at all?: No clue. Pulled this off of e-mail and not really going to redistribute it that way. Garrison might though.

54. what time is it now:
11:34 pm