May 24th, 2001

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Arsenel of Wood

Breakfast. The One True Gentleman. One True Gentleman -- minus reading material. This is, to put it concisely, not good.

Boredom sets in. He finds napkin, folds it, and a paper airplane war ensues. Much giggling. I throw it back. It consistantly fails to hit him. We both make airplanes. He makes more of them and his are better. His still fail to hit his precise target, said target being either my face or my necklace. He ends up generally hitting what my fencing friends politely refer to as "additional female target area." He teaches me how to make paper throwing stars, which lesson I promptly forget. Much giggling, and a discussion of many old movies and dead episodes of the X-Files.

Computer lab, to check out his best friend's comic strip.

Didn't get enough sleep last night, but that's OK -- I don't have class until 10.

I like these mornings.

Almost didn't come in today. I told my body that it could get the sleep later. I'm able to do that -- wake up at alarm clock, body says "Eyuch. As soon as I use the bathroom I'm going back to sleep."

Mind says, "But we have to go to school to spend time with our best friend! I *promised!*"

Body says: "Yeah? When did you promise him? I didn't hear any promises."

"No, but I promised *me*."

"I need sleep."

"But I promised! He needs to see us! He'll smile at us...."

Body: "Hmm?"

Mind: "I just need to do a few things right now, OK? ...*THEN* you'll be able to go back to sleep."

Body: "Hmm, I guess OK. You said he'd smile at us?"

Mind: "Now where did you put that toothbrush last night?"
running, bomb tech


Stretch and yawn doesn't work too well when you're sitting in a crowded computer lab the way I am.

Car's dead until it gets new parts. I guess we're walking.


This seriously sucks.
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This is why I dislike the school computers. No one gives a flying fuck whether they have the correct time on them or not. My computer's currenly off by 12 hours.

Who the hell cares, though?

*sigh* And this is the good lab, too.
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Hung out with my friend (usual suspect) this afternoon in the computer lab for a while. While he enjoys my company, this is a Bad Idea -- I get him off-task and distracted.


But at least I make him laugh. ...I also make him wrap his hands around my neck and squeeze a little, but that's not really important....

Other than the ooops aspect, since he really did have to get stuff done, I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy.

They're calling my smile "evil."

No, not evil. Not even remotely evil. I just have this smirk that's failing to leave.

I like my life.
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Events of the morning

never did get much in the way of sleep. Spent an hour crashed on the couch in the TV lounge, semi-asleep. Ditched math class. Gee. What a surprise.

Spent that hour talking to that one dude Justin from the library. Got introduced to the dude who resembles my high school best friend -- turns out he's Justin's brother. Odd.

Justin knows exactly what I mean when I talk about the importance of chaos in my life. Nobody else seems to get it.

Hooray for that, at least!
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Today I get to work. We have babysitter for today. Hope I'll do OK. Should have a loooot of fun. Am just hanging out at school until I have to leave. Saves on the whole time thing. I needed to hang out with my friend some more.

On another, more personal note, ... I think we found Earth.

Holy fuck.

This should prove to be interesting.
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more detail...

Yeah. So basically we were short an element. Someone I happen to know was just identified as the element that we were short.

This means, for great justice and Balance in the Force....

...take off every ZIG.

(Sorry. That just means that if you're meant to know what it is, you'll know -- if you don't, then don't worry.)

You know what you doing. Take off every ZIG.

...although the rest of the computer lab is going to look at you weird and ask questions if you stay doubled over like that next to me.
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new job?

I hope. I really hope. They called back and sounded interested in me.

Let's hope it works out. Let's pray it works out. I'm up to 9.25 "occurrances" at my current job. When it gets to 15 I'm canned.

If this new job doesn't work out, I am so screwed.