May 25th, 2001

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english projects


Well, what goes around comes around. This morning, as I was frantically attempting to do the whole procrastination-thing on the mini-presentation on the political and social situation in Jonathan Swift's Ireland (it's due today at 9) my best friend, the One True Gentleman, either not blessed with a book this morning or not caring to drag it out, decided to have a conversation with me.

Ordinarily this is just great. Best friends forever and all that.

I finally had to say, "Remember how you were having those problems staying on task with me there yesterday? Well...." and I pointed significantly to the book. "Due today."

Silly me should have looked at schedule and realized that he had class at seven ... but silly me was trying to get thing done and did not know if it could be done in 3 hours or not.

Of course, it's done now, and since I started around six-ish and was done by 7:20, even *with* the distractions, it's all good...

What goes around comes around.

... thank the gods for good friends.
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...friends leaving livejournal...

Well, for whatever reason, looks like one of my friends pulled his livejournal. I caught a glimpse of a rather grouchy last post last night...

...yeah, it's a timesuck. I agree wholeheartedly on that. But it's also good for venting. I wouldn't have IM'ed him with a general cheer-up theme last night if I hadn't read the journal... ...and I think I got him to giggle a bit when I mentioned my lousy and unstable internet connection from home. really *really* sucks to be spending some time alone (door locked, window shut, blinds down, all other messenger programs either turned OFF or turned to Excessively Busy Disturb At Risk Of Loss Of Life And/Or Limb) with a very good friend ... to have, at the *worst* possible moment, the connection lost. In reaction to this, my other two least stable programs completely went blooey, requiring at least three minutes (often more) to shut them down and create error logs... by which time the mood is completely DEAD and must be painstakingly re-created. ...and of course as soon as things are happening again, either the smoke detector will go off, the connection will crash, my sister will urgently need the phone (or just need the phone clear) or ... well, you get the idea.

Sometimes, it's as if the gods just don't want a romance happening there.

Maybe I should take a clue.

But in any case, I'm sorry to see my friend leaving. I liked reading about what was going on in his life.
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...not much ...


Dude's still a touch, um, disgruntled, at having me shoo him off when I was working on my little thing for English ... turns out we didn't even have to give it today, as the teacher was missing and we watched Roger and Me instead.

He did fireball me goodbye, though, so I must not have ticked him off too much.

I love my friends.

I have to work this Saturday, dammit -- I'd far rather be going to the anime club. *sigh* A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do, though -- unless I can start work with the *other* company tomorrow ... and schedule that around the anime club.

That ... that might work. That might actually work.

Hmm. We'll see. I'll leave Saturday blank in my schedule just in case, and if I can come in I'll just show up.

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more towel day

Instead of doing something constructive, I drew a pretty picture of myself with towel, and sent it off to the people at ...

...and this would be the picture on the *back* of my shirt.

...I wonder how far this particular image is going to spread? ...and how many other people have already done the same thing?

But this one's mine.
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Hell yeah!

I got the job. It was just a matter of deciphering the extension number from the answering machine message, and then calling during business hours.

This should rock.
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...I still have to go to work, though, and pretend like everything's normal.

I may take tomorrow off from work-work, and do that whole home-thing, just as a test of the emergency broadcast system.


I am still so incredibly psyched. It was that easy! Just ... call!!!

Hee hee. I am evil. I am evil. Evil, I say!!!
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