May 29th, 2001

running, bomb tech


Got a new tape for m'baby. Woohoo!! Now he's going to be addicted to this one, and not to the old one, or to Teletubbies, and especially not to Barney.
running, bomb tech

Laaaa laaaa laaa

...hee hee.

Talking with Clergyperson Of Choice regarding the guy of my dreams.

AzureLunatic: Yeah. From his perspective, I hope I'm being patient.
**********: Sounds that way
AzureLunatic: From my perspective, I'm being more patient than I have with any other guy I've gone after.
**********: Is he really worth it?
AzureLunatic: OH YES!!!
AzureLunatic: and he likes science fiction as much as I do.
**********: And he likes Bored of the Rings????
AzureLunatic: ...I do too?
AzureLunatic: Sis thought that by talking about Lord of the Rings for an hour he was being insensitive and not listening to me and my gripes about work. Not so: he was distracting me and cheering me up, and we both knew it. :-)
**********: I see.
AzureLunatic: yeah. It's great to have a nice guy-friend who knows exactly what to say all the time.... :-)
**********: good
AzureLunatic: and he's cute, and he's smart, and he likes anime, and he throws fireballs at me to get my attention, and he likes computers, and he likes science fiction, and he adores my favorite author too, and he likes RPG's, and I like him!!