May 30th, 2001

running, bomb tech

new addiction

Comic. Bruno. Reading. Thank you, David.

Addicted. Will post URL, yadda yadda yadda, as soon as I'm not busy with it.
running, bomb tech


sick today. glad I wasn't scheduled. I feel like complete hell. Weak as all get-out. Musn't let myself get dehydrated. won't be going swimming with the darling.

...I feel like hell.

At least the moon cakes are good.
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running, bomb tech


Money crunch. Nonbiological, nonlocal sister in trouble. Must help her.

Who needs to retire?
running, bomb tech


Can't get money out of the retirement account. Dammit!! How the fuck can I do this?

Focus, girl. Focus.
running, bomb tech

Angsty Depressive Thing?



Not such a hot day for anyone. I stayed home from my real job in order to feel miserable and wretched. I ended up getting rather nastily dehydrated this morning, which was of course hell on the infection I seem to have picked up from somewhere. Since I was home, of course I was babysitting.

...I am not at my cheeriest and best with little kids when I'm in severe and obnoxious pain, of the sort that makes it feel like you really need to go to the bathroom *bad* no matter what you do.

I tried. Gods know I tried. He was pretty dang good, too. The new movie is a good thing. I managed to find it at one of those $0.99 stores. We aren't sick of it yet.

...I know the plot already though.

1st episode on the tape: Ash tries to capture a ghost pokemon to help him beat Sabrina the Teenage Pokemon Trainer. He dies briefly, and discovers that the ghost pokemon are practical jokers. When his friends get too worried about him, though, he returns to his body. Haunter accompanies him.

2nd episode on the tape: Our intrepid heroes face Sabrina the Teenage Pokemon Trainer with Ash's new Haunter ... hey, where the hell is Haunter anyway? Kicking Team Rocket's butt. Brock and Misty get turned into dolls just like Sabrina's mom. Ash returns with Haunter and Sabrina's dad. Haunter makes Sabrina laugh so hard that her psychic pokemon is completely disabled. Sabrina and her family are united once more, and Brock and Misty restored to normal.

3rd episode on the tape: Primeape steals Ash's hat. Ash goes to great lengths to get it back.

One of my nonbiological sisters called with an immediate and pressing crisis. I jumped the wrong way. Morally right, but practically wrong. I'm used to being Miss Privilged Brat rather than having to obsessively bargain-hunt, go without, and so forth, in order to be able to make it from week to week.

I panicked for a few hours before she called me back and I had to tell her what all was going on with us.

I hope she's OK. I hope she makes it through all right. I hope. I hope.

She'd better, dammit.