June 4th, 2001

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Nothing so far has happened today regarding my 21st birthday, except that David remembered. Good David.

My roommate is either still asleep or just not at school yet.

My best friend is blissfully unaware that I have today turned 21 and are thus dangerous. AM thus dangerous. AM.


I came into school with a sober face this morning, and was promptly subjected to a barrage of cheer-up efforts from my best friend, who has decided that when I am not my normal glowingly happy and giggling self, that something is wrong. I've decided to be amused by this. Today I tried to explain that when I say "Yeah, I'm OK," I mean it; if I should say to him, "I'm fine, Mulder," then everything would not be all right.

"So how's the baby, Scully?" he asked me then. "If I'm Mulder, then you'd be Scully. Yes, I saw that episode too," he said.

I bonked myself on the forehead just then, because I remember how that episode ended. "Ten foot pole," I muttered to myself, and refrained from kissing him.

I think I need to go on another process-hunt. Where did I put those stakes?
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I must be bored: a survey! (shamelessly snarfed from silversolitaire)

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
A good book, a good friend, a cozy place to sit together and read.

What is your greatest fear?
That I will accidentally or inadvertently do the unforgivable to one of my two best friends, who would never forgive me. I don't just mean the ordinary unforgivable -- I mean the sort that even a best friend, or especially a best friend, could never forgive. I've done it before, purely by accident.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
A merciful veil has been drawn over the archives of the mind. The time my high school best friend started freaking out about me being bisexual and telling the whole school, perhaps. He thought it was such a big deal, but everyone he freaked out to said, "Yeah, so? I knew that. What's your point?" and he didn't take a clue, he just kept freaking....

What is your favorite item of underwear?
The one bra I've got that is actually comfortable, makes me look good, and is precisely the correct size w/o being too big or too small.

What is your greatest extravagance?
Books. ...But aren't those a necessity?

What objects do you always carry with you?
A pen, a rock of some sort (usually rose quartz), my wallet, my DeVry key/attendance card lanyard, and at least one item of jewelry that has a 5-pointed star on it.

Where would you like to live?
Somewhere of a more appealing climate, with all my best friends.

What is your most unappealing habit?
Probably the fact that occasionally I forget to shower if I'm really busy or really tired or both.

What is your favorite fantasy?
Currently? Me, the guy I like the most, and an RPG or comic book that he's explaining to me. As we sit there, our hands eventually clasp. ...I haven't let myself go further than that.

Do you believe in capital punishment?
I honestly couldn't say. I believe in making the punishment fit the crime. Trust in karma.

Do you believe in monogamy?
For others? sure, if that's their thing. Forced monogamy for all? Absolutely not. For myself? the jury's still watching the OJ chase scene on endless loop.

Which living person do you most despise?
The person who's hurt my friends the most deeply, whoever that may be.

What will you be having for supper this evening?
Whatever ends up in the microwave, probably leftovers or those non-kosher hot dogs that Sis got by mistake.

How do you relax best?

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?
Enough money.

What is your hidden talent?
Um, I can sing? ...I can also McGyver like hell.

What would your motto be?
"Let's see if the pen really is mightier than the sword!" (actual line of dialog in one of my real-life encounters, said by a very pissy me)

Toilet paper; end hanging on outside, or down along wall?
Wherever it ends up when I put the roll on.
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Went process-hunting again. Stakes were involved. I used my invisible magical lighter to go poof to the staked stuff I pulled out.

So what happens next? My best friend comes by where I'm sitting in the computer lab and goes WHAM! to the top of my head with a fist (gently enough to not rattle my brains much) and then does the whole egg-cracked-on-head thing with trickling his fingers down my hair.


Don't do that if you want me to stay non-jellified!!
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It just overwhelms me when my friends show that they care.

While a whack on the head and a dialog consisting of "Hello!"



is not exactly what makes the headlines, it's ....

It's nonstandard. It's sweet. My idea of a perfect date includes paper airplanes now, OK? Childish silly stuff. I don't want to grow up for a while.

I'm just feeling loved. Expressions of friendship like that mean so much more than a hug...

... or even saying "Happy Birthday," which he still failed to do...

...I think he's still oblivious. That is so hilariously funny! It's not like he should know, after all. I told his dad when my birthday was, but not him. I would have thought that my sister would tell him, but they haven't even seen each other for maybe a week, maybe more. They don't talk much these days and it concerns me. But he doesn't know it's my birthday, and he's not expected to know, so it's not as if he should have known and is just forgetting maliciously.

I must admit that I was hoping he'd somehow find out and surprise me in some scary and psycho way this morning, but no such luck. ...Well, since Sis celebrated my birthday two days early, perhaps my best friend will celebrate my birthday two days late, on my fictional character's birthday?

Hee hee. It's a thought. A weird one, but a thought.

I am just so happy!
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Looking through...

Looking through my friends' 25 most recent page, I am struck by the astounding variety of posts...

...just interesting.

Obtained birthday present #1 for best friend the gentleman; it's not quite as advertised but will do extremely well. Wish they'd had the red kind, but oh well -- this will definitely do.

Flat broke, though. :)
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On a much less amusing note than usual...

"What about freedom of speech?"

A kid drew a gun -- on paper, mind you -- and is now out of school for the rest of the year.

The teachers aren't saying much.

Since when is sketching heavy artillery a crime?

Another kid somewhere else wrote a play. It was a rather nasty story, lots of violence and such and all --- a reaction to the place he was living in --- and he got arrested too. His brother protested, and got himself expelled for it.

What about freedom of speech?

Would you rather that these kids out and out bring guns to school? Would you rather that they blow things up and cut themselves and make threats?

Yes, it's scary that kids write and draw scary things. It's also PERFECTLY FUCKING NORMAL if they've been picked on and beat up every single fucking day of their lives at school, and ...

...who reprimands the bullies who shaped them that way?

...Who gives the bullies who tortured them and made them afraid and enraged life sentances in jail?


Answer me that.

The media gets all enraged when some psycho says "I killed this person because they were Christian and straight." Where's the outrage when some Pagan and queer person gets mashed up and left to die somewhere?

Here's your fucking outrage.

Nobody bashes fucking anybody else. No one shoots anyone else. No one creeps up behind anyone else in the night with a goddamn razor blade and slits their throat. No one.

Understand that?

An It Harm None, Do As Thou Wilt, fuckwits, or I'll kick your fucking ASSES!!!!!!