June 5th, 2001

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Birthday revisited

Had breakfast with my sister for once. Came to school about 45 minutes late for my usual morning meeting. Mentioned to best friend the gentleman that I'd behaved myself last night, that I hadn't gone out to any bars and picked up any guys, and watched the clue start to hit.

It didn't hit for a while. "Now why do you mention that?" he asked.

"Well, back in the day, when I was about 18, I was planning what I'd do once I turned 21..." I said.

See clue hit. See clue hit hard.

He apologized. No hug, no roses, but a whole lot of giggling. Now he's doing strange and arcane things to the computer next to me (he's supposed to be doing a lab for one of his computer classes, but apparently he's done) and I'm just watching out of the corner of my eye snickering to myself.

He's still Mulder, and I'm still Scully. I commented that I thought that Mulder was supposed to be a lot taller than Scully, and almost got smacked down. No kiss, though. (hee hee)
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songs in the head

So sis is talking to the english teacher about the difference between hardcore Christians and Jesus Freaks.

The distinction she makes: Hardcore Christians are totally into the religion, but for themselves. They do enjoy teaching others when others express an interest, but if they are told "Hey, that isn't my scene," they back off and just give a good example by living and acting in a very nice Christian fashion. (If all Christians adhered to the Commandments and Jesus's example, it would be a very nice and well-behaved religion.)

Jesus Freaks have approximately as many visible religious symbols as I do, perhaps more, and every other word out of their mouth concerns Jesus, what He can do for *you*, and how you are going to suffer Eternal Consequences if you do not convert your ass NOW. Perhaps most extreme on the scale, "Jesus Superfreaks," as she terms them, were the hippy-types who sat on street corners lecturing.

As a result of this conversation, the song "Jesus Christ: Superstar" and "Superfreak" started attempting to copulate in my head.

The results were not good.

Sis swears that she's going to get a hacker/cracker buddy of hers to invade my system (again) and set my default font to a language and/or font I don't read.

The best/worst, of course, would be Hebrew, Chinese of several different flavors, Cyrillic, Japanese... the list goes on.

Heh. If she does that, I'm going to ... um. Don't know what I'm going to do.

Damn, but I need better security!!

My laptop likes it when the guy breaks in, though, and it's been more amusing than anything else.
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clarification on computer crack

...the alterations to computer would be

a) for the amusement of all parties concerned, and
b) revenge for making those songs try to breed inside my sister's head also.
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going to go look for my best friend now.

he's got to be around somewhere... !!

Math class got canceled; teacher is at teacher conference. Yayyyyy!!
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search engine

Didn't find him anywhere. Ah well. Life goes on. Went to English class, waited for the teacher, gave presentations even when the teacher failed to show up, then (when she did show up) watched the end of Roger and Me.

Went to pick up the boy, came home, retrieved package from my parents, opened said package, was delighted at the contents (am listening to the CD contained therein now), and cleaned my rings and pendants.

Went to work. Was semi-hyper at work. Came home. Got online.

Not much of a day in Epic Events, but ... all in all... a nice one.
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(no subject)

silenceshadow: knock knock?
sith******: who's there?
silenceshadow: I don't know.
sith******: I don't know who?
silenceshadow: The guy on first!
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roommates return

...and they return bearing gifts: a banana split for me, with extra cherries.

Commentary of some sort? If so, I am scared to inquire. Sis informs me that "Oh, we just told them you liked cherries."

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this shouldn't be such a big event. I'm happy plenty.

this time it's swordfighting, ice cream, and good gossip with people I don't have to hide from.

Nephew has a star necklace, new and all his own.