June 10th, 2001

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Had fun last night, in summary. My attention span goes down when I'm somewhat intoxicated, it seems, and I was running back and forth between my computer and Ninja Scroll most of the rest of the night before I completely crashed, though I did occasionally make random comments in the middle of Dirty Pair.

Lots of fun. Only three guests, but somehow that many people in our apartment makes it feel like a crowd.

Wish my best friend and Sis's boyfriend could have been there too, but oh well, life happens.

It was still a great amount of fun. I got some good introspection going and figured out a few very vital things. I don't normally play with alcohol, but when I do, I generally learn something. If there's something I've been thinking about that I can't get a good perspective on because I'm right in the middle of the problem, give me a beer, distract me, and then (after I've become somewhat buzzed and am making approximately one typographical error that I do not feel like correcting per three sentences) remind me of the issue via some roundabout way, and I will be able to get a better idea of what is going on. Make me write down the better idea of what's going on, and then when I've sobered up again, I'll be able to do something with that better understanding.

The party felt just like the parties that my parents used to throw when I lived with them, the same feeling of industry and happy anticipation beforehand, and the same feeling of people getting to know each other and general happiness throughout the party. To truly be authentic, there would have had to have been at least ten more people there, though, and a jam session with a lot of fiddles and accordions happening in the living room, and a discussion of poetry or politics or something happening out on the patio.

But it was a good start.

I take this as a sign that my new family is healthy and happy and is continuing to grow. It's so nice to have a family like that, and I'm glad I've had that all my life, and I'm glad my nephew is getting that.
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Ooooh, this is cool!

Didja know that you can enter interesting different dates into the date-thing in the journal update window here? I suppose it's for if your computer's date/time thing is all screwy so you can correct it, but you can add journal entries for as far ahead as, say, this October. I can use this as a datebook or something now! Coolnesses.

This is a nifty application that I will make more of unless it disappears on me! *sigh* If you developer people are reading this... please don't take it away!

This is so cool! I'd been wondering... awesome!!
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Actually, the datebook thing would be impractical, as the entry doesn't just disappear into some nebulous time in the future at which point it will magically appear, it just sticks at the front of the journal and only recedes into the past when the date it's set for has come and gone. So I set my reminder thingy to "private" so it won't irritate the hell out of everyone when they come and look at what's up in my strange little universe.


This is going to be an interesting day. Gotta go home so I can get all that happy family stuff for today done. Ahhh, babysitting ... mmm. Fun.

Well, it's not as bad as all that... just I'd rather sleep today. It might or might not be a hangover. I just need sleep.
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Bitchy Witchy Week

And, things being the way they usually are, it's going to be a double whammy. Argh.
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Nice people. Very nice people.

I got my David talking to my sister's David. This could lead to total world annihilation.