June 11th, 2001

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Good Morning, Dave

Forgot to set my alarm clock last night. Woke up in a semi-timely fashion anyway. I'm getting used to waking up early now.

I think dude's got a good point with me probably being nocturnal.

Lots of friendly bonking back and forth this morning. Best Friend reminded me of something I'd been trying to forget pretty hard: exactly *what* I'd been doing that I missed most of History of the World Part I. (Trust me, if you don't know already, you don't *want* to know, considering that I was watching the movie with my high school best friend.) I was hard-pressed to refrain from acting like a cthia pet when faced with battery acid to my best friend this morning. Instead, we discussed Pink Panther, Beavis and Butthead, and other forms of expression that I may or may not have missed in my culture-deprived youth.

(I watched the Pink Panther movies. I did not miss much with Beavis and Butthead.)

I'm happy.

I'm glad I'm happy.

Ibuprofen is a good thing. So is caffeine.

I have good days around you, Best Friend Person. Thank you. (If you're reading this, which you're probably not.)

Oooh! Fragments!

Ok, the caffeine is getting to me.
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Now people, this is what you make people say when you insist on living with your parents when you are 21 and almost 22 years old. This is what you make your best friends say when your parents decide to move.

This is what your best friends say when they realize that you are moving to FUCKING GILBERT, MESA, or APACHE JUNCTION from your cozy little neighborhood in Snottsdale.


And he's moving in July.

I wonder if there's any way to convince him that he needs to move in with us in order to live closer to school and get out of his parents' house. He's either going to have to move or switch jobs; there's no way Mr. Not A Night Person can pull off his job living in fucking AJ.


If this weren't a computer lab, I'd so start crying.

He's my best friend, and I don't see him enough as it is.


Now I'm pissed.

Better to put all this energy to something that it would be useful for rather than waste it hitting something.

i hate it. i fucking hate it.

it seems like every time i get a really good friend either they move or i move or camp ends.

I don't have a car in this state. My sister doesn't have a car. Her boyfriend lives about as far away as my best friend is going to. She hasn't seen her boyfriend in a month.


sad, greensad


He's still going to be going to school with us. He still has his car. (He's got to have that!) It's a definite move. He doesn't have the exact address yet.

And he had to tell me during Bitchy Witchy Week. Oh yeah. Smart move, dear. Really smart move. Hit your friends in the stomach while they're pissy already. Oh yeah.


Just bitching.

Old trauma. I'd thought I'd dealt with that already.

I hate it when my friends leave.
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Cthia Pet Does Not Enjoy Battery Acid

I crack up every time I read that cartoon. I showed it to my best friend and he busted out laughing too. I had to copy and paste from the screen where I was updating my journal, though. I hope he didn't read the rest.

I wouldn't use teeth on him, though. (evil smile)

Argh. Feeling better, though, now that I've ranted.
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the edge

It always scares me when I trip on the edge like that.

I found the problem. I found the thing that linked me to the panic that, I'm sorry, only my friends will read about.

I was not well then. I am still realizing how fragile my grip on sanity is. Both hands clawing at the edge, only I have to spare one hand to hold tight to the hands of those I will not let go of.

I flunked pullups in gym class.
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Okay, I am officially a lightweight.

I am randomly hitting on my best friend from camp six years from back on one beer. Less than one beer. And trying to cyber.

i'ts not working. i can't get it up.

and I'm female. hee hee!

ok. I'm weird. I'm officially strange. don't do tarot bags to mouth by bush. bad mojo unless you're into depression and suffering and abuse. bad thing. bad relationahip.

go to the corner, bad relationship!

not thinking i want sex tonight, not even online.

best friend needs loyal friends, even a pretend girlfriend who can contemplate being faithful. but actually david predates ... no, he doesn't.

i was still waiting for Earth when i started up with David. I started waiting for my best friend two months ago.

holding his hand again.

Alan thinks my best friend is a bit of a creep. don't think so here. no. not a creep. we're just immature.