June 12th, 2001

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Survey from Silversolitaire

1. Your name: Joan
2. Do you like your name?: It’s OK.
3. If not, what would you change it to?: No brilliant ideas yet
4. Your age: 22
5. Do you wish you were younger/older?: Nope.
6. If so, what age, and how come?: Well, I do wish I could be whatever age I wanted whenever I wanted… I’d like to try 16 again but then come right back…
7. What school are you going to?: DeVry
8. Where is that school located?: Phoenix, Arizona
9. Do you get along with your parents?: Yes.
10. Do you get along with your siblings?: Yes. Even the ones who are related to me.

11. Do you have a best friend?: Two, in fact.
12. Why is that person your best friend?: They know who I am and they still stick with me.
13. By the way, who is this person?: My roommate and a person I know from school.
14. Do you trust your friends?: Yes.
15. Who is one person that you could totally tell anything to?: My best friends.
16. Name one person that you used to be friends with, that you wish you could be friends with now: My high school best friend.
17. Why did that friendship end?: He and I disagreed about who he should marry. I thought he should marry anyone other than the person he decided to marry. The person he married thought he should be friends with only the people she wanted him to be friends with, and I wasn’t on the list.
18. What qualities do you like that your friends have?: My best friend the gentleman never lets any of his friends betray themselves. My roommate knows how to get the best out of bad experiences.
19. Do you think you have good friends?: Absolutely.
20. If you could give your best friend (or closest friend) one thing, what would it be?: The ability to gain for themselves everything they need.

21. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Sort of.
22. What is their name?: David.
23. Are you seeing anyone?: See above.
24. What is their name?: See above.
25. Do you have a crush on anyone?: Yes.
26. What is their name?: I know and David knows and that’s enough.
27. If any of the questioned are answered, why do you like the person you are with/have a crush on?: David makes me feel loved, and he’s fun to be with. The other person … it is impossible for me to not love that other person, him being who he is and me being who I am.
28. Do they have any qualities that they have, that you would like to have for yourself?: Yes. They're both great with computers, in addition to more subtle qualities that I shall not discuss here.
29. How much time do you like to spend with them?: The interstices between work, school, and sleep.
30. Were they your friend before you started dating/liking them?: Yes. Always.

31. Color?: Smoke blue-grey.
32. Shampoo?: Whatever.
33. Deodorant?: Whatever.
34. Actor?: Um, probably Kenneth Branaugh. Seriously, I do favorite writers more.
35. Actress?: See above on favorite actors.
36. Sandwich?: BLT, sad to say.
37. Bread?: Sourdough.
38. Animal?: Chaos Chicken!
40. Food?: Homemade pizza, or anything my roommate cooks.

Either or
41. White or Dark Chocolate?: You just gave me one choice there. White isn't chocolate.
42. Stuffed Animal or Blanket?: Plastic lightsaber.
43. Waterbed or regular mattress?: Whatever I fall asleep on.
44. Morning or Night?: Night.
45. Disney or Nick?: Anime.
46. Scary or Comedy?: Comedy unless I've got someone to cling to.
47. Get up early or sleep the day away?: Sleep.
48. Job or School?: School.
49. Phone or Internet?: Internet, with microphone and headphones.
50. Garlic or French bread?: French.

With or Without
Subject: Hamburger
51. Lettuce?: With
52. Mustard?: sometimes
53. Ketchup?: with
54. Mayo?: with
55. Onions?: sometimes
Subject: Perfect date
57. Guy/Gal with braces?: without
58. Candles?: with
59. Food?: whatever
60. Sporty car?: without

Yes or No
61. Live with your parents?: no
62. Want to live with your parents?: no
63. Have a car?: not in the state
64. Want a car?: yes
65. Would you do the "Survivor" show?: FUCK NO
66. Would you spend some money on your little/older sibling(s) if you had $1000?: Yep.
67. Would you eat earthworms if your life depended on it?: Yep.
68. Would you take a bullet for some of your friends?: yes.
69. Do you think that your friends would take a bullet for you?: yes.
70. Do you wish you were famous?: No.

71. Why do you think the moon revolves around the earth?: Science.
72. Why was Einstein considered a genius?: Because there weren't many people who could follow his thoughts enough to correct them.
73. Why do some people spend so much time making these stupid surveys?: because they're bored and curious
74. Why do some people spend so much time filling out these stupid surveys?: because they're bored and curious.
75. Why do you enjoy the company of your friends?: They know who I am and they still like me.
76. Why are some people accused of "chewing like a cow?": Because some other people are picky.
78. Why when you leave the door open, you are asked if you were raised in a barn?: Because some people have nothing better to do.
79. Why do women complain so much about the seat being left up, and guys don't complain when the seat is down?: Bare butt. Cold porcelin. Yoww. Tried it in a poorly heated Alaskan house in the winter? Yowww!!
80. Why do most Americans spend most of their day sitting, and then complain that they are over weight?: I live in an nation of whiners.

81. Does your grandma still pinch your cheeks?: Never did, thank gods.
82. Has any of your relatives bought you clothing that you despised, but you wore, just so they wouldn't be insulted?: No. I was an honest child.
83. What nick names did you develop from your relatives?: Joanie, "evil sister," Sparkle Blooming-Flower, "Little Fayoumis"
84. Which relative could you consider "cool"?: All of them?
85. Can you really say that you would go in public with some of your relatives and NOT be embarrassed?: Yes.
86. Do you have any embarrassing home videos that your relatives have threatened to show on your wedding day?: Thank the gods, no.
87. When you started dating people, did the baby pics come out of the closet?: Haven't seriously started dating yet. I'm in another state. Null issue.
88. Have you ever been to a family reunion?: I guess Aunt C.'s wedding counts.
89. What is the most embarrassing moment that you have encountered with your relatives?: I could not say. I really could not say.
90. Do you have a favorite relative?: They rotate.

Friends Part 2
91. Do your friends stand differently in your mind?: Than other people? Yes.
92. What does "hanging out" consist of?: Talking, sometimes not, just being near each other and able to communicate if we so wish. Being in close physical proximity helps, but I hang with people online too.
93. How many close friends do you have?: At least seven. People fade in and out of my innermost circles depending on who's where and who's spending more time with who else at the moment.
94. Do you have one ultimate BEST friend?: Yes.
95. Why do you consider that person your best friend?: They aren't in any way shape or form related to me, not even as a matter of courtesy, such as my roommate is, and since they're not family and may not be family, they must be best friend.
96. If you are "taken" at the moment, do you consider your significant other as one of your close friends?: Yes.
97. If you have a crush at the moment, is this person one of your close friends?: Yes.
98. Do you believe that a relationship will last longer if the person is one of your close friends?: I will never seriously date anyone who is not a close friend. It's best to be good friends first and then date rather than date first and then discover evil evil underlurking things that it's impossible to be friends in spite of and wreck the relationship.
99. What is one thing that attracts you to the opposite sex?: They're decorative and they smell nice. Oh, and good hugs. And bad puns. In someone of the opposite sex, I look (physically) for longish to long blond hair and glasses, and mentally/personality for good sense of humor, computer competence, and other compatible traits (unlisted by request).
100. Are you thankful for your friends?: I'd be dead without them.
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Got chewed out from four different directions this morning. First, my best friend wanted to know why I hadn't come to school on time as usual. (Zing!) Then, my sister grouched at me for staying up so late: it was bad for me. Then her boyfriend just glared in my general direction over the phone. Then, icing on a cake of grouchiness, David was late to work.

I'm sorry!!!

I didn't mean to stay up that late! I didn't mean to keep you up that late!
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Math Class

Got to review my teacher today. HA HA HA HA !! All his reviews are belong to the students, so he's going to come out looking fairly lousy. I wrote down what I've been saying all along, minus most of the profanity, and I'm going to Xerox my last test and the extra credit he's been giving and hand it over to the Dean or something. This really pisses me off. I don't want to have to take it over again, but it's equally academic dishonesty if the teacher is falsely inflating student grades.

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