June 13th, 2001

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TV invasion from h3LL

the channel 3 tv crew was here at DeVry to say hello to the engineering students and their nifty projects. 3 happens to be the absolute worst station in town, not excepting the Fanatical Christian Stations. At least *they* have half-decent journalism. Hell, even MTV's Kid of the Week has better broadcasting manners than Channel 3.

So my best friend and I decided to go check out the havoc. Unfortunately, this morning I'd decided to bring to school with me breakfast, in the form of a baggie of carrots and a glass bottle that I'd filled from the Great Big Bottle of Mountain Dew in the fridge at home.

Guess what happened.

So I spent ten minutes in the womens' room pulling stuff out of my backpack and washing it and tossing the stuff that was too thrashed to do anything else with. My math book fit into the category "too thrashed to do anything else with" but as I need it for the final, I'm keeping it.

This is the last "normal" week of school before finals. I'm suddenly scared.
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a friend in need

Human touch. It's all about human touch.

Or, in this case, human *bonk*.

Clobbering each other gently over the head may not sound like very much fun to most people, but it forms a significant bit of the human contact I've got with my best friend.

...I'm a Tupperware Warrior. What else can you say?
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So I'm hanging in the game room with my best friend the gentleman, watching him get his butt kicked by his friend / kick the butt of his friend at a video game. I'm just standing there, and as my friend's little guy with the sword starts to really beat the hell out of his friend's little guy with the sword, I raise an eyebrow and get a snide look.

"Just shut up," my friend's friend says.
"But I didn't say anything!" my friend and I chorus.
"I didn't mean you, I meant your girlfriend there," his friend clarifies.



Okay, so I'm a friend, and I'm a girl, but ... ??

Why is it automatically assumed that just because we spend a lot of our time together and casually bonk each other over the head and throw paper airplanes at each other, that we're a couple, huh?
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The whole gang was hanging out together this morning: me, Sis, nephew, and Best Friend. There was much happy chatter about this thing and that and Best Friend's birthday party, upcoming in slightly over a week. I shall endeavor to dress normally, or at least more like the typical type of geek that his parents subconsciously associate with their darling little sci-fi nut boy.

If I'm wearing black jeans and a Star Trek shirt and thick glasses and have a sweet and enthusiastic attitude, how evil can I really be?
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Random Help

Two of my weird friends one jump closer to A in the alphabet from my best friend have been helping my seduction techniques. Watch out, World!!