June 18th, 2001

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Apparently if you leave a reflected bonk on infinite reflect, sooner or later it gets too big for the bonk reflectors. Then it either hits an innocent bystander, or the person with the weakest bonk reflectors. Since the person with the weakest bonk reflectors was me, I was the one who collected the vast amount of bonk that was reflecting back and forth between my best friend and myself.

OK, that begs an explanation.

Imagine, if you will, this rather mystical force called bonk. It is a force inherent in any friendship that has a large element of physical comedy to it. Bonk is rarely, if ever, used for actual harm; it's simply used to ... bonk. It's inherent in both the actual "I take my hand and bonk you with it" sort of bonks, and the "I bonk you" type of bonks where there is no actual physical contact. Even when no physical contact is made, it is still possible for a bonk to be deflected. If the bonk is reversed, and then you send it back, and then he sends it back to you, each time it is sent, instead of growing weaker, it becomes stronger, for such is the nature of bonk in such a close friendship.

Today he set the bonk on infinite reflect, where no sooner had it bounced off me than it bounced back to him, and bounced off him and back to me, and so on and so forth. Each new bonk we started was added to the flow of bonk between us; right now I think the flow is about 10bps (bonks per second; "bonks" being measured in "strength of one typical bonk," typical bonk ... eeh. We don't have a definition for "typical bonk" yet). At one point my bonk-shield overloaded and all the force of the accumulated bonk hit me with some force. I jumped. He pointed and laughed.

I had coffee this morning, coffee with sugar and milk. The rest of my breakfast was carrots. I think it's showing. Should I eat the doughnuts? Let's take a poll. Hmm, how do I do those nifty poll-things? Hmm. Let me post, and then I will surf and find out. Hmm.
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running, bomb tech

Much Amusement

So Darkside and I are wreaking havoc on Dennis K's bulletin board. It's amusing. I like hanging out with friends, especially when I can convince said friends to interact with me both online and in person.

running, bomb tech


Well, I had myself an interesting day.

First class was just not. Nothing much there. Go to class, turn in papers, go away. Second class was sociology. Much fun had by all. Tape recorder malfunction. Third was english lab. Helped preppy dude with his paper on the word "Fuck." Turned into a decent piece of writing.

I could stand to make $10 an hour for typing papers.

The boy's got some hidden genius inside him somewhere. Where, I won't speculate, but all he needs to do is get in the habit of dragging it out.
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Darkside and I had a lot of fun this morning.

Darkside is my friend.

I like Darkside.