June 19th, 2001

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Finals, Carrots, and Caffeine

Well, that sucked.

This has been one of my worst test-taking experiences. Morning comes, and I haven't had enough sleep. Undaunted, I fix myself a great big mug of coffee, from water, instant, a lot of sugar, and the last of the flavored creamer, and I grab a bag of carrot sticks and I head off for school.

My best friend and I engage in much arm-wrestling, to the vast amusement of the onlookers. I drink coffee. It turns out that both of us have seen the Fanboy Otaku Gamer's Club strip for the day already, so it's no big deal when the computer labs turn out to be closed for finals.

I drink the very dregs of my coffee, despite my best friend's warning me not to.

Sis shows up, and I begin to regret having drunk the coffee. She and Best Friend and I all giggle about various things. Best Friend had to leave for his final (the one he'd already completed, Systems Analysis, which is basically "how to flowchart your computer program", taught by a teacher he calls "Coffee-boy") and I took a walk around the school to work off the hyperactivity.

I proceed to visit the restroom, and regret drinking the coffee in graphic detail.

I return to the cafeteria, and Best Friend and Sis are looking at Tarot cards. I smile feebly at what's coming up in the cards, and then visit the bathroom again and regret the carrots and coffee in further detail.

I return to the cafeteria and put my head down on the table. Sis and Best Friend tell me that my face is turning blue, and that this is most likely not a good thing. They convince me to drink water, and they glare at me until I can simulate some form of good humor and semi-decent health.

Best Friend's plans for moving are discussed in more detail. It turns out that he will in fact live right across the street, more or less, from where Sis used to live. This also means that he will be living in the same general neighborhood as Sis's boyfriend. That has potential for Interesting Times.

He and she and I all depart for various locations, but it turns out that he tags along with us to the place where our first final will be. Computer lab turns out to be closed and locked; everyone waits outside for teacher to show up. Teacher is some minutes late. Best Friend is amused. There is much discussion, mostly about methods of mild mayhem and shoes. Teacher finally shows up and lets us into the lab, after she finds someone with a key. Best friend wishes us luck and departs.

It turns out that the computers are down; the network is down and we cannot log in. Grrr. Teacher runs off and fetches paper; when teacher returns, she has to knock on door, as doors are still locked. There is a minor class debate as to whether she is to be allowed back in the room while the final exam is taking place. She is eventually admitted. She takes it all with good humor. We compare and contrast irony in Roger & Me and A Modest Proposal in a semi-short essay. Mine turns out to be four pages, double spaced. (The computer system comes back online in the midst of this; when I point it out, I am asked if I cast a spell. I actually hadn't.)

I finish my essay with half an hour to spare; some of my classmates and I sit down to study for the Access final, which is to be on the last two chapters of the book. I offer chocolate covered espresso beans around. People look at them dubiously; I am known for being hyper, I am known to be a witch (though a generally benevolent one) but as I'm just so cute and nice and smart, a few people accept. Tyler almost doesn't; he's had experience with my coffee before, the *good* stuff, not the stuff I had that morning. Slackerprep had had a rather *vivid* dream about one of the girls present; he shared some of it with us. I groused about how I never got the good dreams.

We go into Access class. Test is 40 questions long. I know some of the answers, guess at others, and do dowsing on the rest. I finish in 20 minutes. Either the information is there in my brain, or it isn't. I've always been a quick test-taker, especially with multiple-choice. The teacher wishes me best of luck. He likes me and Sis, because we are polite and we care.

Feeling somewhat better, but still drained, I wander through various school offices to fill out paperwork, after ascertaining that Best Friend's car is no longer in the parking lot. I wander home, return Sis's necklace that she let me borrow to her room, and hope I feel better.

Carrots and coffee that strong just do not mix.
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Roommate, revisited


As if it weren't witchy enough here...

Another person will be joining us. Not my best friend, but another person we met at school, an interesting person. He's moving in as I write -- he and his girlfriend just left to go get another load of his stuff.

Gods, I hope everything works out smoothly with the landlady and all. I hope. I hope.

Math final tomorrow, with Evil Evil Erbe. Oy.

Oy vey.

Feeling better. I still need to eat some real food though.

Ech. Today was not, body-wise, a good day. Mostly I'm fairly indestructable, but when I go down, I go down hard. They say my face was turning blue. I just knew I was feeling completely lousy, and my face was draining of all color and turning a rather sickly and pasty shade of pale greenish white.

I am not in the mood to have much patience with nephew screeching because the cat is scaring him. Just because the cat plays with the ghost chaos chicken that hangs around the house is no reason to be scared.
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