June 21st, 2001

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Went to SCA meeting. Apparently they happen every weds. night. Met some interesting people.

New roommate is working out well. Fits in. Already one of the family.
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Well, best friend mentioned that sometime that if I catch him on his day off, he'll go see a movie with me.

He's going to be dressing all spiffily for his final presentation tomorrow (Thursday) and the day after that (Friday) I get to meet his parents.

Oh, joy.

The general idea of seeing a movie with him would be nice. Maybe I'll see if nephew is going to want to go along... hmm. That would make it less of a date, I think. But who knows?


Two best friends and a movie. This could be fun.

Played a video game with him today. Was interesting. I lost, and he had the crappy controllers too.

Tried napping at school. Did not do too well. Crashed on couch in TV area. Asked best friend to come and wake me up. He did. A few cute little moments there.

Thumb wrestling is always so much fun. I must always listen to the little reminders the universe gives me that tell me to trim my fingernails, because if I don't, I run the risk of either missing out on some fun physical contact, or hurting my best friend by sort of slicing his hands to ribbons with my claws.
running, bomb tech

Late again.

Oy. Best friend will be in suit and tie today. Must run. Kitten happy: door is open. All others asleep.

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Look away from the duck...

"How fleeting are all human passions compared with the massive continuity of ducks" --Dorothy L. Sayers

"That would be a consenting duck, right?" --The Great DVD Thread, sithacademy-talk@yahoogroups.com
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When I told Sis that best friend had offered up his day off for seeing movies with me sometime, she proceeded to soda-spew. Apparently there are implications to this that I'm not aware of.

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I am now addicted to Serial Experiment Lain. Before you get those dirty thoughts in your head, it's this weird anime about this chick named Lain, and this schoolmate of hers who killed herself and is now living in the "Wired".

It's funky and ...

....Well, watch it for yourself.
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Day in the life of...


The longest day in the year, and a celebration of creativity and solar things worldwide. A day to get together with your friends.

No real ritual today, I don't think -- don't think this crowd is going to feel comfortable enough to do that together. Private ritual today, then.

But we're hanging out all together in our house, and watching anime, and writing, and playing video games. It's great to have friends that you can do the whole magickal discussion BS thing with, the college student sort of thing that you do late at night.

I love this.
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New roommate is installing zip drive on his computer. The driver for the 250 meg zip disk is all red and white like a pokeball, with a hole in the middle.


running, bomb tech


Kitten rebooted roommate's computer by leaping, kamikaze style, onto keyboard.


Hone My Rage.