June 25th, 2001

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Reading I Will Fear No Evil again, and am as always impressed by the new things I find in any Robert Heinlein book. Finished reading The Richest Man in Babylon (George S. Clason) last night; am beginning The 12th Planet (Zecharia Sitchin) and will see how that one goes when I can pry it away from Sis.

Have yet to read The Wizard's Dilemma (Diane Duane) but I know it's good: Godai read it, and read it straight through (unusual for him) and it is, after all, Diane Duane, one of the few authors whose books I will buy without having so much as read the cover or glanced at the cover picture. Just to know by the title that I don't already have it, and to know the author, I will buy anything by Diane Duane.

I find it interesting that some people have such a fuss about telling people their names, or their Names, yet think nothing of discussing at length their favorite books and authors. Don't they know that what you read is a very good way of measuring who and what you are?

I read :
C.J. Cherryh.
Diane Duane
Robert A. Heinlein
Lois McMaster Bujold
Anne McCaffrey
Mercedes Lackey
John M. Ford
Isaac Asimov
...among others.

There. Now, just from that recommended reading list, you know almost all about me.
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running, bomb tech


Dangit, the problem I noticed last night just so happens to be persisting. No FOGClub message board (didn't even try to post) and now -- no FOGClub comic!!

This is seriously *not* making my day better.

I was going to kick Darkside's butt, dangit!
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well, looks like no more sleepie for me.

screwit, I'm going back to bed.

If Darkside wants to talk to me, he can call, or, if somebody's online, he can just haul his ill-lit self over here and wake me up in person.

If he dares.

I sleep with naked steel.
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I can still get to the back copies of the FOGCLUB like so: http://fogclub.keenspace.com/d/20010518 -- but the main page is currently down. Apparently, from the last message from Dennis K. I saw, Real Life was starting to interfere with his comic.

So hopefully this is temporary and will be fixed sometime after Dennis gets some spare time.

If it isn't fixed, then I'm just going to have to kick some butt. After all, I know where his best friend lives.... :)

Okay, so I can't get there that way. What the f---? It worked just a couple minutes ago?? F. Serious F. (kids in room; must be careful what I spell.)
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And furthermore...

....my keenspace password is incorrect. Um, this would be from the password they saved on my system so I wouldn't have to log in again...

...that is seriously not good.

F***. Grrr.
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morning? not quite.

Slept in majorly today. Needed it. Was starting to feel as bad yesterday as I'd felt when I'd done the stupid thing and completely drained myself.

Looks like the message board is back up, though the comic may not quite be. Poor FOGClub.

Kitten likes to try to eat what you're eating.

Roommate stayed up until sixish, with a bad case of blocked-creativity-insomnia. He'd told his gf that he was planning on crashing right away -- I can forsee some troubles looming up here.

It's not my place at all to interfere, except that I like both of them, and I think the dear girl could use a few quiet words of wisdom in her ear, such as: "Honey, you're not his mother, and ... well... he does need some time to himself from time to time."

I've seen more of my relationships fail by me trying to be the guy's mother/guardian angel/constant companion, and I don't want this to happen to these two if it could be averted by a five-minute conversation with her.

The only reason my current potential romantic entanglement is progressing so nicely is because he and I are equals. He's got the edge on a few things; I'm more expert in a few others. We respect each other's areas of mastery, and help each other out here and there. I'm not automatically inferior; neither is he. I'm not automatically the eldest, and he doesn't generally bother to point out that he does have the chronological edge on me.

It helps that we come from comparable backgrounds.
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online usage

I've found that the time I spend online is usually spent:

reading comics.

Gee, isn't that what I generally did offline?

Seriously, though, I write better when I have human interaction to bounce it off of. All this writing online, whether it's here, or to my mother, or in instant messages -- it's what I do. It's what I live. It's what I breathe.

I just need to figure out how to hook my writing into the rest of my life a little better. I know what I'm talking about here. It was what I covered in my entrance essay to Wicca 101. Writing and the witch.

But where is the appropriate forum for writing that's so deeply personal?

I need to write this out. There are bajillions of words lurking inside me. I need to learn to write professionally in my field.

Until I gain the experience and the knowledge, the only thing I can keep doing is reading and writing, reading and writing, and every now and then going back and saving -- because I need to take old things and write them up again, and by that improve them.

I am a writer. I am a witch. I paint with words. The pen is my sword.

Now, to apply who I am to what I need to be...