June 28th, 2001

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Darkside leaves Saturday for some family reunion thing and won't be back for a week. One whole week without him! How will I survive? (insert mock-terrified face)

Heh. If it were that bad, Sis would have kicked my ass by now. I do notice, though, that we've been talking on the phone at least every other two days. He called *me* this evening, which is a surprise. He never seems to call anyone, but he does call me.


I've been afraid to look at the cards as regards me and him, for fear I'll find certainty of one sort or another. If it's not going to work out, I don't really want to know it. If it is going to work out, I really oughtn't to know it.

A silly idea, hammered out between acpizza and myself, is the whole concept of an RPG date ... me, Sis, roomie... Darkside, sis's boyfriend, roomie's girlfriend...

Hmm. This could be interesting. Hmm.

I'll maybe post the scenario when it gets plotted out, just for general amusement. This rivals the stuff that DC and I planned out for giggles once upon a time.
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half asleep, with ice cream, talking with acpizza. we're going to get drunk together someday, and that's going to be weird.

Yeah, life is weird, and Horatio doesn't know shit about the universe.

So if there were an RPG date, sis and her bf would be there, I'd be there with Darkside, and roommate would have his gf.

Now roommate and his GF would go into my bedroom, and Sis and her bf would go into her bedroom... and that would leave me out in the living room with Uncle Alan, Darkside, and my nephew, not to mention the cat.

Darkside and I would look at each other, look at the kid and the cat ... look at Alan ...


Could get interesting.

You see, Darkside's jealous of Panic (sis's bf), and Panic is jealous of Alan, though Panic has no real reason to be ... ... y'see, Alan sees more of Sis than Panic does, and since Alan and Sis are old friends from Ye Olde Dayz ... well then.

But Panic has no reason to be jealous... Sis is stuck to him like glue... which is why Darkside is jealous. And I'm jealous of that. And gods know that Alan might have... well, we'll not get into that. Alan and I went on one date, and that was great for friendship, but not so cool for romance. Just didn't hit it off that well for that.

But it would sure be weird.

I'd write it better, but I'm tired. Big day tomorrow. Must call Darkside and give him my love, in safe and encoded form.
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good day

Woke up semi-on-time. Did my morning things, cleaned up a little, went shopping with Sis and cashed my week-old paycheck. Went to the mall, got new shoes, went to the coffee shop and had coffee. Got some more stuff and came home. Called Qworst and tried to see what the fuck was up with DSL.

Turns out that the first order was improperly entered and wasn't even there mostly. I bitched somewhat. Now the modem should arrive on Friday the 13th.

Nephew has a total of 8 pokemon tapes now.

Cat needed to be washed. Washed cat. Cat does not like being washed. Looks like I attempted suicide now, claws raked all down my left wrist.

Went swimming with nephew. He's a regular fish in the water, the swimming little monkey who generally tries to cling to me by pulling down the front of my bathing suit.

Should really get a copy of the Dragon Tarot for Best Friend at some point. He needs a deck that he can bring to school and take out w/o being expelled. (give ya one guess why he can't bring his deck to school...)

Pollution bad today. Eyes complaining. Bus way late taking us to the mall.

Cat got his claws trimmed today, fortunately before I tried giving him bath.

Movie with Best Friend did not work out. Gee, what a surprise. Called him and said hi though. He was busy.

Just a very calm day. Warm. Happy.
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Roommate is finally settling in and getting his side of the closet cleaned out. The laundry baskets we got are helping things quite a bit, I think. He is now throwing stuff at them instead of shoving it all in the corner of the closet.

I am amusing myself, and bemusing him. He occasionally overshoots the laundry basket, and when he does, I pick up the laundry in two fingers and gingerly toss it into the laundry bin with a highly disdainful look on my snooty face.

It amuses the hell of Sis.
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Slightly non-sober....

AzureLunatic: hi there.
Regexp: hii
AzureLunatic: I like peppermint schnapps.
Regexp: oh my
AzureLunatic: Cats do not like being washed.
Regexp: this is true
AzureLunatic: the two are not related, by the way.
Regexp: good
AzureLunatic: Cats don't like hairdryers much either.
Regexp: i bet cat wouldn't mind being washed with scnapps once it started cleaning itself
AzureLunatic: Why waste good booze on cat?
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out of the bag

...and back in again. Cat is helping clean up. Cat gets shoved in bag every now and then.

Amusement had by all.