July 2nd, 2001

running, bomb tech

1300 mg Caffeine...

...total for me today, in bits and pieces all day. Had a double shift at work, on very minimal sleep. Had the foresight to write in my journal at work, and we have a record of the caffeine high as it goes through all of its stages. Very amusing. Showed Sis and Alan the progression of my handwriting.

Figured out the whole thing with my general love for Best Friend, too. It helps to know why I love him so dearly, besides his all-important good personal qualities.

...it makes sense, is all I can say. Look away from the duck. Now that I understand, I can deal with it quite a bit better.

Need to do dishes very soon tomorrow. Morning.

Must sleep now.
running, bomb tech

A Valued Collector's Item

So I'm sitting down at work, in completely random order since work had decided in their infinite wisdom that they had no especial need of my talents on one particular project, and decided to make me a "wallflower," i.e., "substitute for whoever hasn't shown up today" and I notice that the guy next to me is drawing.

That's cool.

What makes him instantly a lot cooler is that, after he goes through the little introductory schpiel, he says, "Or you can just hang up on me if you feel like it, you smarmy twits," while punching the hell out of the "caller refused: cancel" key sequence.

We strike up a conversation, eventually, because I've gotten a hell of a lot more social in the past two months.

Turns out he's a genuine son of a witch and a very pleasant guy, and we end up passing notes written in runes back and forth to each other.

I dare you: guess his name.

No, go ahead, guess it. Post comment without looking at the other comments (if I even get so many as one comment) and then we'll see how many get it right.

Of course, I haven't technically "collected" him yet -- I haven't even given him my phone number.
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running, bomb tech

Monster Spray

Nephew has this thing about ants. No one else sees them. Today I gave him a bottle of monster spray (water in spray bottle) and hopefully that should clear up the infestation.
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beer bong

Azz: "Oh, and FYI, we're not a frat house. We can't be a frat house. Online friend David [Godai] says we can't be a frat house unless we have a beer bong, and we don't."

Roommate says: "Well, tell your friend that come Christmas time, we *will* have a nog bong.

Us: "A what???"

"A nog bong. Like a beer bong, only for eggnog."

Sis: "Oh...kaaaaaayyyy...."
running, bomb tech


It's interesting.

There are at least 14 people out there in LJ land that think my weird random ramblings are interesting enough to put on their friends page. Wow.
running, bomb tech

"What's On *Your* Desk?" -- from the rest of abbela's friends

From East to West --

  • disk box, open. Photo disks, schoolwork, blank disks. Not much writing. Random programmage I don't want to lose if my hard drive should go bonkers.
  • Power cable for laptop
  • Printer, w/o ink cartridge: Canon BJC 2114
  • single pushpin
  • smaller disk box, closed
  • You Don't Know Jack program disk, not installed yet
  • power cable for printer
  • link cable for printer/computer
  • phone line from wall to computer
  • two hair clippy-things, the kind with teeth, biting each other and beating them up for stating their beliefs
  • black CD case bearing the legend "JL Case 1" in glow-in-the-dark paint, filled with CD's, starting with Ace of Base: The Sign and going down the alphabet to The Refreshments (collection resumed with R.E.M. in Case 2, which is in the living room somewhere) (JL are the first letter of my first name and the first letter of my middle name; when I initial things I use these initials and ignore my family name)
  • random penciled cartoon: Person on telephone, shaggy hair, saying: "On a scale from one to ten, this survey was a complete waste of my time, about a negative fifty." Electronic speech bubble from phone: "But, ma'am, you're the telephone survey person!"
  • Oscar Meyer hotdog whistle (roommate's)
  • watch, digital (roommate's, beeps once an hour on its version of "the hour")
  • caffeine pills in bottle, Safeway brand
  • hair bead
  • teeny headphones
  • laptop computer
  • two mousepads, one with the jelly wrist-saver, the other (on top of the first) with a mandala/maze design and good traction for the mouse
  • plastic bag from purchase of Callisto
  • Linux & Unix command-line quick reference sheet
  • out-of-state (and damn near out of country) debit card (run as credit card because out of state) recipt from $42.72 (plus sales tax) worth of groceries, featuring Mountain Dew
  • checkbook
  • blank sheet of paper
  • Iomega programmage, for backing up hard drive w/ zip disk.

and thaaat's all, folks.

Wow. I must have cleaned up.

Seriously, though, a better one would be What's On My Bathroom Counter. Hmm.