July 9th, 2001

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Nature abhors my appliance

After about three months in the apartment, we finally budgeted for a vacuum cleaner. The living room is finally almost passable, though I've been picking up lint balls and trash every time I see it on there, and occasionally doing some down-and-dirty scrubbing with the 409 and the pet-stain-remover. Tomorrow Dude's girlfriend is bringing over her mom's steam-cleaner, and we're doing some serious cleaning.

I'm getting to be such a damn little housewife...
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running, bomb tech

more thumping

It seems that in actuality most of the interesting thumping noises emerging from the shower that Dude and I share on what appears to be a nightly basis now are things falling off the little ledges. To wit:

1 razor, triple-bladed (mine)
1 toothbrush, scruffy (mine)
1 tube toothpaste (mine)
1 bottle shampoo (his)
2 bottles conditioner (his and mine)
1 large tub Noxzema clone (mine)
1 bottle shampoo-with-conditioner (mine)
1 bar soap (shared)
1 scrubby thing on stick (technically mine, but practically shared)

To solve this problem, Dude's girlfriend and I went to Wal*Mart today and bought stuff, among which was a little shelf-thing with suction cups.

One problem:

After getting the thing set up in the bathtub all nice and pretty ...

...the cups refuse to suck.

The whole shebang came tumbling down, and stuff scattered everywhere... the head of my razor (I use Mach 3, because it was obviously designed for shaving female legs) flew beyond ten-foot-pole range...
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I seem to work well with black cherry candles for general artistic inspiration. Hmm. Did a little drawing just now. Sis ID'ed someone from her past off of a vision I had. Weird. Interesting. Details are personal.

Dude's girlfriend took the fruity candies and the chocolate candies and mixed them.

We now have a large bowl full of S&M.

General amusement.
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Candle count:

Dead white candle stub in empty bottle from white wine, cheap store brand
Beer bottle with wax dripped all over; Dixie Blackened Voodoo, lavender wax
Black cherry votive (just about burned out) in old Glade jar
White pillar, 2/3 burned
Black cherry votive (just about burned out) in red glass container
Black cherry votive (a few hours along) in small goblet, clear glass
Black cherry votive (nearly burned out and shrinking flame) in clear glass container
Mountain Berry Glade, a few hours in
Black cherry votive (a couple hours along) in small goblet, clear glass
Black cherry votive (nearly new) in small goblet, clear glass.
Scraps of dead wax, mostly black cherry, in small goblet, clear glass
Black cherry votive (dead) in clear glass container
Black pillar, 2/3 burned
Vanilla candle, in Ancestral Large Clear Glass Container For Vanilla Candles With Lots Of Old Vanilla Wax
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"And what do we do every night, Pinky?" "Fuck like mad weasels?"

Much thumping from bathroom, and turning of tap off and on, and sliding of curtain rod. This is getting amusing. Not sure how long they've been in there.

I love my life, and I love this bachelor apartment. Dude's girlfriend and I tried to explain it all to a bemused Wal*Mart checkout clerk today, upon her seeing of the large amounts of candles and cheap store-brand Mountain Dew ripoff. We didn't succeed very well.

That's OK. This is family, dammit...
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Just so those of you who have been following my love life, such as it is, can avoid confusion:

Darkside, aka Best Friend, aka The Gentleman or The Only Gentleman In Arizona, is *not* the Darkside in livejournal. He is instead the Darkside who occasionally shows up in the Keenspace message boards.
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Kitty Names

Our semi-new kitten has been named Shammash, or Shamash -- spellings apparently vary.

Just recently I began calling the kitten Mash-Mash, pronounced with an ah-sound for the A -- basically, "Mosh-mosh."

Dude then picked up on the name, and the cat's nickname has now become Shammash Pitt...

Or "Mosh Pit," for short....
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"They just locked us in, man!"

"but we got M&M's, we got Skittles, we're good..."

Sis and I are now confined to our computer room for the duration of the "three hour tour," as Dude has sometimes been termed...

Oh my.

This should be interesting.

I'm just about ready to crash. Am working tomorrow, and do need my sleep if I'm to get anything useful done before work...

...including speech with Darkside, as he's back within telephone range... same area code, even.

Damn, everything I talk about this late at night comes back to him, doesn't it.

He could be my everything, if I let him. I can't let him get that close unless he wants to be.

He already is.

Is it my fault that he's the first man to meet my special qualifications since the last time I updated them? Is it my fault that I met him in the middle of the update, and it seems to have defaulted to him?

This could be weird.
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The green apple needs to go to hell; to go to hell and to die.

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Shower Thumping Update

It seems that the shower caddy wall thing is staying fairly well in one place now -- it is precariously balanced with the bottom on one of the little plasticky protrusions in the shower, so though the cups may slip and skid a little, they won't have the sole burden of holding the crap to the wall.