July 10th, 2001

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Return of the (K)Night

Well, Darkside is back in town. I called him this evening as soon as I got in from work, barely in time before his bedtime. We had a nice long chat, about this and that, but were rudely interrupted by the cat. One of the hazards, I suppose. It just warmed me to hear his voice, and also warmed me to notice that he'd been noticing my online activities...

...I love that man. I seriously do.
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Dude's girlfriend brought over her parents' vacuum cleaner and the steam cleaner, so the living room is pretty much offlimits while she's working on it. Her mother pitched a hissy-fit about her bringing the steam-cleaner here, so she had to promise to be the only one to use it.

Sis and Alan and I are pitching in and throwing a pizza party for her, since she is just so awesomely cool like that. She's developing a nice little interest in the Art, which is interesting. I will be watching her career with interest.

Shamash has been hyper all day, and is really not taking too well to being stuck in the computer room. He kept interrupting and getting into things all over the house while Chick was bringing the heavy machinery in, which was incidentally during my conversation with Darkside.

I want to see Darkside interact with this cat again. I get the feeling that were Darkside and I in the same room with the cat, the cat would be held and petted and used as an excuse for physical contact...

I need to get off my butt and shove shelves.

At least I already put away the laundry. I'm not a complete hopeless dwerp when it comes to the house...
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Burn, baby...

Finally found the correct software for my CD burner, which is a Good Thing. Now I'll be able to back up my novel, the most recent version thereof, which is also a Good Thing. I never want to lose that book...

Right now Dude is burning his entire hard drive onto CD, because he's planning on switching over to Linux. I don't claim to follow his logic. He's got some system or other for saving his crap.

Right now I need to clean out my bathroom counter. It's getting cluttered again.
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This is the plural of "youth", from the Center for Talented Youth summer sessions program at Hamilton College in 1995, the crowd of kids known as "The Spammish Inquisition" and "Argh!"
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I hope he'll call today (Tuesday) sometime later in the morning. He got sunburned while he was visiting his relatives, poor guy. I want to not-touch and make it all feel better....

...he's frustrated with the place he works. One day back, he says, and he's ready to burn the place down.

He needs to visit and get hugs and play with cats and get hugs.
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locked in room...

There is the sound of Dave Matthews outside, hopefully drowning out the noises that will shortly be coming from the living room...

I'm glad we have an arrangement satisfactory to all.

The floor is drying, and I'm online.

I'm drinking Dr. Pepper clone, and snacking on S&M's. The green skittles are nasty: green apple, and I liked the lime.

You suck, Skittles!!
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Just noticed -- I have the cordless phone in my room -- when it rings in the morning I won't have to go out of my room. Wonder if Darkside'll be calling.

I like being asleep late in the mornings. Gods help me if Nephew wakes me up with me being up this late. Gods help *him*. He's learning that Aunt Joanie needs her sleep in the mornings ... he's learning that when Aunt Joanie shuts the door it doesn't mean that she doesn't love him, it means that she needs her sleep...
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Stayed up until four-something. Lots of clangorous noises coming from the kitchen. I think the cat's in something. The floor feels very clean on the feet.

We are so getting Chick pizza. I gave her gas money, too, since she drives around so much in getting here...


Stupid computer is acting up on me. I swear, I'm going to download Netscape onto this fucker.
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bugger your stupid ISP

NetZero (the paid service, dammit) and Internet Exploder do not play well together. It seems that any time I try to open a new IE window, it causes a fatal error in the program. This is a bitch if I'm trying to do anything online, like, oh, I don't know, check my mail or something....

So I'm downloading Netscape.
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...is climbing. He walks along the top of the couch, plays with the strings on the blinds (very irritating while I'm asleep), strolls on the sewing machine, and has lately taken to investigating the contents of the craft shelf.

There have been many more hollers of "Cat!" lately.
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My Name Is:

Apparently it's either "Weasel" or "Bitch."

Dude has a nametag, the "Hello, My Name Is:" type, and he's got Bitch written on that. Nephew calls everybody "Weasel."

It's amusing. Dude is sitting around playing with the computer, burning a mix CD, with just boxers on.

I need a shower. Netscape is still downloading. Don't anybody call.
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Miscellaneous before I go to work

"It's that one odd one, that uses the word 'pomegranate'. Ever heard a song use the word 'pomegranate' before?"
--- from Dude's phone conversation, about his current burn.
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browsers in three different flavours

We now have three different options for WWW browsers on my poor Tigereye:

Internet Explorer

We'll see which one works the best. This will be interesting, to say the least.

Good gods, I'm sick of all this computer bullshit.