July 12th, 2001

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Mangling Netscape To My Personal Specifications

Just tore out Password Manager by the roots. I don't care how nifty they think it is, it's a damned nuisance. ... Well, not "tore out by roots." Disabled, completely. It was being a bitch, and I didn't like it at all. So I looked at the "help" file they've got on Netscape in the browser... didn't tell me jack. So I went to their website and it was happy and joyful and should work, dammit, and if it doesn't I'm going back to Internet Exploder, never mind that after I hard-shut-down and made it scandisk and repair it's *still* crashing like a motherfucker.

Fold, spindle, and mutilate, baby.

I'm just a user, though. Never let me forget that. I'm a motherfucking *user*.
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Well, Chick is in the bathroom feeling truly wretched right now. She's one of those people who barfs at the drop of a hat, and she does it when she's dehydrated.

She's dehydrated now.

Poor girl.

She seems to have it very well in hand, though, because she does it so often. I doubt it's bulimia ... just a very, very, very touchy stomach.

Fortunately, she's not noisy about it... I've got a queasy stomach around people who are throwing up. Thank you, BJ, for puking in front of me and curing me of that, mostly... thank you, Nephew, for puking practically on me and proving that even when I'm sober, it doesn't bother me too much...
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All Those Fucking Idiots

The one chick is right, todfox's friend. There are some people on LJ who should most likely not have access to a computer. I'm thinking at least half of the ones who are 17 and under.

I made comments in a few likely-looking journals, ones that might not be too bad, but one comment in particular I think I'm going to regret. There's just something about that particular journal-person that stands my hair on end...

Oh well. "Petty nuisance" at worst, I hope.
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Cycles of disintegration

It deserves a post of its own. Here's the comment I put in a random journal I found -- that would be Matthew, when he said: i do not understand why people continue to imitate behaviour in others that has caused them pain in the past. can we not see that the things which cause us pain will cause another pain? what will it take to break this cycle? it is the cycle better known as "becoming our parents." every parent in the world has at some point said "i am becoming my mother" or "i am becoming my father."

and then I said:

It can improve in every generation, though.

My grandfather had a fearsome temper. My father had a merely terrible temper. I cried myself to sleep in my teenage years sometimes, and swore I would never have children, because I recognized in myself the temper that was my father's.

One day, when I was perhaps sixteen or seventeen, my father saw us children having a disagreement over something, and, as was usual, he flew into a rage and was about to destroy the perceived cause of the squabble.

My sister ran and hid, though our father never touched us when he was angry. But I stood my ground.

For the first time in my life, I was angry enough at my father to stand up to him and say in my strongest voice, "Do not do that. Though we are fighting, you have no right to destroy my cookie dough."

He was taken aback. I kept talking, and managed to talk him down from his rage, talk him out of destruction. He sulked off and found a corner somewhere and worked on something quietly, much ashamed of himself.

I think that was the first time since he stopped bottling his temper up and letting it eat away at him that someone had the nerve to stand up to him and say, "No."

He's been angry, since, but never again has he gone into one of those rages, now that it's been proved to him that he can stop, and if he will not stop, then I will stop him.

I've since learned how to banish my own anger -- not let it bottle up inside me, but collect it and purify it and reabsorb it or release the energy in some more creative way. Last time I was truly furious, I believe there was some intensive and utterly astonishing housecleaning done.
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Random Oddity

I'm still just random-surfing, hoping to come up against the journal of someone I've at least heard of before. I came close -- in one random journal I chose to comment in, the only other LJ user who's interested in dixie blackened voodoo had made a comment. from now on ... spirit of the peacock.

There are some interesting, well-spoken people updating at this time of .... morning? I guess it's morning now.
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I pitted these cherries, soaked them in vodka for a while, with sugar, then strained them out of the vodka, sugared them rather thoroughly, let them sit for a while, and am now eating them.


I'll have to make a repeat performance of this, and then use the resulting cherries in fruitcake or something, and leave it where kid/cat can't get at it.
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A.Z.U.R.E.: Artificial Zombie Used for Repair and Exploration
and (this one cracked me up so totally...)
J.O.A.N.I.E.: Journeying Organism Assembled for Nocturnal Infiltration and Exploration

Brunching Shuttlecocks just *rock*. That's all there is to say.


And here, in alphabetical order, is the vast majority of the cast of my weird life:

A.L.A.N.: Artificial Lifeform Assembled for Nullification
D.A.I.M.O.N.: Digital Android Intended for Mathematics and Online Nullification
D.A.R.K.S.I.D.E.: Digital Artificial Replicant Keen on Scientific Infiltration and Destructive Engineering
D.A.V.E.: Device Assembled for Violence and Exploration
D.A.V.I.D.: Digital Artificial Violence and Infiltration Device
D.E.N.N.I.S.K.: Digital Electronic Neohuman Normally for Infiltration and Scientific Killing
D.E.Y.O.N.: Digital Electronic Youth Optimized for Nullification
D.O.N.A.L.D.: Digital Organism Normally for Assassination and Logical Destruction
D.Y.L.A.N.: Device Yearning for Logical Assassination and Nullification
E.R.B.E.: Electronic Robotic Battle Entity
E.R.I.C.: Electronic Robotic Infiltration Construct
H.A.Z.L.E.T.T.: Hydraulic Artificial Zombie Limited to Exploration and Terran Troubleshooting
I.S.A.I.A.H.: Idiotic Synthetic Android Intended for Assassination and Harm
J.A.D.E.: Journeying Android Designed for Exploration
J.A.M.E.S.: Journeying Artificial Machine Engineered for Sabotage
J.A.M.I.E.: Journeying Artificial Machine Intended for Exploration
J.O.H.N.: Judge Optimized for Hazardous Nullification
J.O.S.H.: Journeying Obedient Sabotage Humanoid
J.O.S.H.U.A.: Journeying Obedient Sabotage and Hazardous Utility Android
J.U.L.I.E.: Journeying Unit Limited to Infiltration and Exploration
K.A.T.I.E.: Kinetic Android Trained for Infiltration and Exploration
K.E.L.L.Y.: Kinetic Electronic Lifeform Limited to Yardwork
L.I.L.Y.: Lifeform Intended for Logical Yardwork
M.A.R.T.Y.: Mechanical Android Responsible for Troubleshooting and Yardwork
M.I.C.H.E.L.E.: Mechanical Intelligent Construct Hardwired for Exploration and Logical Education
P.I.K.A.C.H.U.: Positronic Intelligent Knight Assembled for Calculation and Hazardous Utility
R.O.S.E.: Replicant Optimized for Sabotage and Exploration
S.H.A.W.N.: Synthetic Humanoid Assembled for Warfare and Nullification
S.T.E.V.E.: Synthetic Technician Engineered for Violence and Exploration
S.U.E.: Synthetic Upgraded Entity
S.U.S.A.N.: Synthetic Unit Skilled in Assassination and Nullification

...of course, I took a few liberties with some of the names... see if you can spot the ringers.
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more laundry

I really ought to get off my butt and put the laundry away. At least I did the laundry. The jeans came out nicely, all dyed and stuff. The shirts, the navy blue ones that I was trying to dye black...

...they may not have done so well.

We'll see. The bathtub is nice and black, though, and so are my fingernails.
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Woah, cool!

The Brunching Shuttlecocks acronymer has a few cool things hidden in it.

When you enter a word to be acronymed that is shorter than two letters and longer than six letters, you get the following error message: Your acronym must have between 2 and 6 letters. Sorry about that, but TANSTAAFL.

When you enter "TANSTAAFL" into the system, you get the proper response.

If you don't know what the proper response even should start to be, you need to go read some Heinlein.
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good thing we have so many of them. Mine are mostly black. Dude's are multicolored, as are Sis's. I do have one that is purple and blue, with hearts. Purple and blue hearts. It's interesting. And there's some green on it.

I have far too much glitter. I shall have to start wearing it just to get rid of it.

Ditto with the lipstick.
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black like a faded memory ~and~ communal shorts

The dye job on the navy blue T-shirts is kind of iffy. It's darker than it was, but I'm certain that compared with true black under strong light, it'll just look extremely dark blue. The thread, being of a different type of fabric than the cotton shirt, did not take the dye, and is remarkably blue against the darker rest of the shirt. As it was invisible before, and blended, I take it that at least a partial success was attained.

I'll have to re-dye, eventually, and do a few more...


I'm wondering, what with the whole frathouse atmosphere here, and the attitude of communal living that's being developed, if my shorts are going to start being worn by damn near the whole household ... again.

When BJ and I were a couple, we used to share clothes. He left my jeans and skirts strictly alone, as did I his pants and his gods-damned awful Christian propaganda shirts, but we shared my one-size-looks-baggy-on-him shorts and my t-shirts.

As I'm still the largest, pantswise, in the household here, and the shorts are drawstring cotton, black or navy blue, I get the feeling that everyone, Dude, Chick, Sis, and perhaps even Nephew (though I doubt that, not until he gets bigger, as he's just barely not quite five yet) are going to be borrowing my shorts to paint in, or to houseclean in, or what have you.

Sis has objected at the concept of communal towels, though, because Dude lets the towels he uses get quite nasty before washing, and she doesn't do well with nasty towels, or even towels that have been formerly nasty and have since been washed.

I summarized that perhaps it was a good thing that though he was sleeping with her, he was living with me. There were objections: "Hey! I sleep with Nephew!" -- Sis and Nephew indeed sacking out together on the same rather large lower bunk in Sis's room, the West bedroom/bathroom, while Dude took the top bunk in that same room, though storing his stuff and doing his changing and bathing in my bedroom/bathroom, the East bed/bath -- so I had to revise. "Okay, he sleeps on top of you, but lives with me."

Much general hilarity, even from Chick.
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signature scent

A while ago, while I was still courting That Idiot My High School Best Friend, my good pal D.C. and I came up with a signature scent for me, one that screamed "Joani!" all over and hopefully expressed at least quite a bit of my personality.

It turned out to be approximately two parts musk and one part rose. That fit then -- it seems to still fit now. I have the oils, and I've been playing around with them some.

Watch out, Darkside. 'Ni is back in town.


...it just strikes me as one of those situations that should be watched lest it develop into another multiple situation. But no; " 'Ni" is my nickname from when I was insisting that BJ address me by my *full* name, the long version, the one that's reserved for close friends and family: "Joanie" rather than just "Joan." He'd say "Joan," and I'd insist: "Ni! Ni!" until he'd sigh and say, "Joanie" just to shut me up.
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plug consolidation

Got Dude a little plug-widener thingy -- three outlets where one once was. Not a surge protector or power strip or anything -- just a little three-plug block. This makes it possible for him to have his computer where it sits without having cords stretched across the room. I just plugged them in, just so, and it's fantastic. Now all we've got is the link cable between my computer and his, and since it's set up like so, I can just scootch my computer down a ways on the table, move the printer a little closer... hmm. What else can I do? ...but I can make this much more comfortable for all of us, including the couch. Hmm.

Reorganization, baby, and then work, for me today.

I am not a 24-hour person, but I'll be gol-danged if I'm going to let my funquy circadian rhythm rule me.

I'm a night person, but I've got a day job.
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Domestic Management


Complete and utter chaos.

I swear, I'd make a damn good housewife.

All the dishes from last night are rinsed and in the dishwasher; washing shall happen as soon as I look over the rest of the household and find any dishes I may have missed. There is still plenty of room in the dishwasher, despite the large number of dishes that were used.

Nephew didn't want much of his dinner last night, and went to bed early. We're phasing out the evening video (gods, that phrase "the evening video" brings back memories...) and just sending him straight to bed in the dark-plus-nightlight (*his* nightlight, on his level, so he can turn it on whenever it's too dark, and turn it off whenever he wants to) because the movies are keeping him up late. He hasn't been fussing too much about it.

... well, sort of. "I want to watch dragons!"

"You already watched dragons twice today."

"Awww. You weasel!"

"Go to bed. I mean it."

"You weasel!"

"You're the weasel. Goodnight."

--typical conversation--
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This fucking SUCKS!!

Now Netscape is erroring and closing in what seems to be the precise same fashion as Internet Explorer is.


I think there is something very essential wrong on this machine, and I don't know what to do in order to fix it.
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more housecleaning

And I so *totally* swear by Lysol Foam Power Toilet Bowl Cleanser for all your bathroom cleaning needs, and your cleaning needs in getting the hard crusties off of your glass aromatherapy oil boiler. That stuff, and a lot of scrubbing, works wonders, and it's even relatively gentle on the hands, though I do not recommend tackling the toilet bowl barehanded.

Aha! I found the empty tupperware that used to hold the S&M's, lurking somewhere by the computer that is Dude's. I knew there were more dishes around here somewhere... besides, I'm finishing off Sis's rum-and-coke.


...no, I actually don't drink very often. I hope. We'll see.

It's usually only on my days off when I drink at all, and then I don't really drink much -- I'm just a lightweight, and exceptionally curious about things such as brandied cherries, or in my case, vodkaed cherries.

But if you guys, my faithful (hah!) readers should notice anything about my alcohol consumption that worries you (last night's alcohol consumption, fyi, was the cherries, which were starting to look suspicious and should not go to waste, and the very last of Sis's rum-and-coke just now) please do comment the hell out of me and make sure I tell Sis that you guys think there might be a problem.

Honestly, if it ever does turn into a problem, I would expect that Sis would see it first and clobber the hell out of me. But as it is, Dude is the top consumer of alcohol in this house, both by volume and by regularity: he drinks one drink before bed each night, a rum and coke. We don't have too many party nights here -- and there's a house rule that there must be at least one Designated Sober Adult around, unless you're by yourself without the kid.