July 14th, 2001

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Altar Reality

I have my own altar now.

The things people throw away!

Well, we're broke college students, and we're not picky. It used to be a chest of drawers, I think, but the drawers are lost. But it's the right height, and shelves will be added, and it is completely awesome for the purpose I'm using it for. Furniture has been duly rearranged, and it'll be easier with the couch/computer thing.

I'm happy. I'm really happy.
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List of things to do:

Finish novel, at least the first draft
Do dishes
Finish paperwork for school
finish the Earth afghan
work on understanding/working with the element Earth
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Qworst DSL

Got a phone call saying I was getting my DSL. Got a UPS package Thursday. I've got modem -- now I need the ISP info from them, and I need them to turn on the broadband, and I need to install the effin' modem.

Other than that, I'm kewl and ready to go. My computer is now plugged into the wall with a filter on the dial-up line, so random squawnks won't fux0r up NetZero in the meantime.

I need a USB hub, I seriously do, so that I may use all of my devices at once. And I need a printer cartridge, and I need to plug in my floppy drive, and I need to get out Pablo, and I need to have a fine and dandy fun time with my computer.

All I need is a proper computer desk now, and a computer chair. And to retrieve my bed.
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Well... that was interesting.

So on the whole romantic issue, on a hunch, I consulted my deck four times, one for each question. Here are the questions I asked. Keep in mind that only three of these questions, the last three, are ones that I had been planning on asking all along.

What would be the outcome if I pursued Alan romantically?
What would be the outcome if I pursued Darkside romantically?
What would be the outcome if I pursued Dave-in-Germany romantically?
What would be the outcome if I held out for Someone Else romantically? (Someone Else being my Ideal One True Love, identity unknown)

I did my usual readings on all of the above situations, a simple three-card spread. The first two cards on each are rather irrelevant here; I know what they mean and I wrote them down and will be discussing them with Sis later.

Outcome on Question 1: Wheel of Fortune
Outcome on Question 2: Hermit
Outcome on Question 3: Hermit
Outcome on Question 4: either Death or Hermit Reversed

The outcome of Question Three is much changed from the original outcome, the first time I asked this same question some months ago. Then, I'd asked the question for Darkside, for Dave-in-Germany, and for some random guy I knew from school.

Outcome for Darkside then: 6 of cups
Outcome for Random Guy then: Ace of Wands reversed
Outcome for Dave-in-Germany then: 2 of Cups reversed

That's quite the change there.

Kitten is investigating my new altar. I am amused.
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Those Dang Cats...

Kitten has dragged a sock (one of Dude's, and probably one of the ones he wears, versus one of the ones he reserves for kitty use) under my altar, in the little hard-to-access space between altar and the large box of ritual supplies beneath it.

Perfect spot for a familiar to nest, though....
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(a comment to someone's depression)

one of the things that often helps me is to sing it out.

There are some songs that I associate strongly with healing, or with a particular situation ... either I crank one of my healing songs very loud and sing along to it, taking the healing into me, or I crank a song that I associate with the bad situation and put my negativity back where it belongs, in an artistic situation where it can look pretty all it wants. Or I paint what I'm feeling. A box of kid-quality oil pastels, some spray fixative ... it may not be art-show caliber when I'm done with it always, but I've gotten some lovely pieces *and* better moods out of this method...

I often sleep holding a clean piece of rose quartz in either hand. I keep a charged piece (usually moon-charged) in my receiving hand, and a drained piece in my projecting hand, thus recharging me and keeping me from re-absorbing negativity. Rose quartz is great for absorbing stuff. I've got a rather lot of pieces that I cycle through.

If you consider caffeine a drug, disregard this; if caffeine is something you indulge in, you may want to experiment with going without it for some time, and then taking an unusually large amount of it (twice to three times what you normally have) and seeing what that does to you, psychologically. I have noticed that when I consume mood-altering substances such as caffeine or alcohol, once my mind has noticed the difference that this chemical makes, my mind can re-create that mood without the drug at any time if it is one I wish to re-invoke.