July 16th, 2001

running, bomb tech


Went. Had a hair-raising time with paperwork and lines. Got a free monitor out of the deal, though, and a $2 keyboard, and two cables for a buck. Had to carry it home, but it still rocks. We are working out the nitty-gritty of making it all work together with my laptop. We just need a mouse for effective computer-from-couch usage, with the laptop sitting pretty on the desk.

I love this household.

"Hey! Move the monitor off the altar! I need to do a ritual!"
running, bomb tech

Oral Sex

So Darkside and I had a technical discussion about mind-whammies, and why I was screeching "Coffee!" rather than saying what he was mind-whammying me to say.

It seems that after I'd said "Spank me!" the next thing that popped into his head that he associated most closely with "Spank me!" was "Slap me!" and he whammied at me to say this.

Meanwhile, the thing that I associated most closely with "Spank me!" was "And then... the oral sex!" from the Castle Anthrax bit in Monty Python's King Arthur rip-off. So since he was not specifically whammying me to say the words "slap me," he was whammying me to say the next thing after "spank me" that had popped into *his* head... which translated over, in my dirty mind, into "oral sex."

A very successful whammy in terms of whammies: just not quite as precisely aimed as it could have been.
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