July 19th, 2001

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It took the alarm clock nine minutes to wake me up. I was having a nice discussion on the topic of the seduction of Darkside with Sis's friend from California. Why he chooses to spend time babbling about the romantic life of a 21-year-old he's never met (he's about 50 and is a lot more knowledgeable on a lot of topics than anyone else I know) I have no clue.

Strip poker
getting him drunk
strip chess
roller coasters (hmm, good one!)
scary movies
hypnosis practice
palmistry practice (me practice on his hand... holding his hand... tracing the lines...)

having fun by leaning over and investigating what's on his computer. Animated computer pictures from anime, basically.

I'm going to see if we can't go back to the cafeteria and hang there.

I'm tired this morning, and so is Darkside. He was up until 12:30 this morning, and he got up at 5. He was watching Tenchi Muyo on DVD, the whole series. I laugh at him. I got to sleep before he did, for once.
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hands around throat

Apparently I can be as irritating as all hell. I may have intellectually realized the possibility, but emotionally have still to accept it and get over it and improve.

Thankfully, Darkside is fairly patient with me, and does sometimes tell me when I'm getting out of hand.

I want to learn which, precisely, of my little mannerisms and habits are the irritating ones, so that I may review them and decide which ones are worth keeping, and which ones I may get rid of without a second thought.

Perhaps it's not a good idea for me to revise myself based on the opinions of others, but most of the things I do are persona, not that-which-is-me. I can change these things into something that's socially acceptable ... socially acceptable as defined by Darkside. Darkside is a very good touchstone for me: best friend, and a person with social standards that I consider good. He's a programmer, a gamer, an anime fan, a practitioner of the Art. I consider him an equal.

The trouble, though, is picking out what really irritates him from what we joke around about. He wraps his hands around my throat every time I taunt him about my superior class schedule. Of course, he has more time off than I do. I hope him grabbing me by the neck doesn't always mean he's pissed off, because for some reason I like it...

Ok, I'm weird.
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Seduction 101

Well, today I struck up a bit of an alliance with a friend of Darkside's from a past computer class.

It was interesting to get a bit of a parallax view of the guy. His friend (the taller lady in the pink shirt who I saw hugging him back quite a while ago) told me about how she got to know him. They were working in a group together, and they had to do something with DOS, and most of them were clueless about it, but Darkside got this evil gleam in his eye and plunged in, typing with both hands and very fast. "Okay, thanks!" they said, and wanted to get back to doing the project.

"Mine, all mine!" Darkside said, and monopolized the computer.

The rest of the group clustered around the lady. "We've got to do something," they said. "He's your friend; you tell him." She had a little talk with him, and apparently he's settled down some.

Sis and I have only known him since October, and he's been a very quiet and settled type of guy since we've known him. I see that manic edge, though. I like that manic edge.

I verified that the lady is indeed engaged. I'd seen a sparkly ring on her finger the next time I encountered her with Darkside, and I commented to her that I'd wondered...

She hadn't been hanging around with him so much anymore after she'd noticed that either Sis or I was most likely dating him. I told her the official version, that Sis had been dating him, and then they broke up, and now he was on the rebound, but I ... heh. I had cunning plans for once he was no longer on the rebound.

She was mildly surprised by the whole she dates/I try to date thing; I explain our conference before we told him we liked him in the first place: "I want to date him." "Gosh, so do I. Well, you first, sister." "No, after you." "No, I insist." "No, please. You first."

So we had to leave the decision up to him, and he chose her. But, upon learning that we both for sure liked him, he -- unlike some guys -- didn't run screaming, but did put his elbows on the table, his head in his hands, and got this *look* on his face that I would be hard-pressed to describe. His friend, upon seeing my re-enactment of it, just cracked up laughing.

She shook hands with me and wished me the best of luck. I assured her that my intentions toward her friend were honorable. She looked at me with that "yeah right" thing, and said, "Just so long as you don't hurt him, but you wouldn't ... and whatever else you do is just between you and him. Good luck!"

There were smiles and hugs all around.
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Neophyte Joanie L* B* is an unreliable character and really ought not to be allowed at a computer keyboard. This is bizarre.

I think I like it!!

(from my first Visual Basic assignment, from David I. Schneider's An Introduction To Programming Using Visual Basic 6.0 Fourth Edition)
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VB and the Newbie

Apparently I am not as completely new to computing, programming, and VB as I thought.

It helps that the structure of making all the pretty pictures is fairly intuitive, but ... yeesh.

I think I'm going to go home now, and install the debilitated and crippled trial version of VB that came with the book on my home system, and get all my homework for this week done, and then print out at school whenever.

I know I'm great and cool and would make an awesome teacher, but I have to grab a greedy amount of time for myself. I'll publish my schedule at some point... oy. Oy vey. I have *no* days off. The closest thing I come to one, in fact, would be Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday, said weekdays having a large chunk of afternoon time open, and said weekends having, respectively, from 1630 on free, and from 1430 on free.

I'll be online a lot, though, although not on any messenger programs necessarily. Leave a comment; leave an e-mail and holler at me.