July 20th, 2001

running, bomb tech

the importance of sleep vs. Tenchi Muyo

Darkside didn't get enough sleep the night before last. Thursday morning he shows up just about as zombified as I. "Guess when I went to sleep last night?" he said.

I guessed wrong.

"Twelve-thirty," he said.

I'd gone to sleep half an hour earlier. He'd woken up half an hour earlier than I had, giving me an hour more sleep. He'd gotten a total of four and a half hours. He'd contemplated calling me and telling me sorry, he couldn't make it, but somehow he'd dragged himself in.

When I told Sis, she pretty much choked and giggled at me.

Apparently Darkside just doesn't call. And that he'd haul his tired ass to school in order to have breakfast with me, equally tired... she thinks that's so sweet. Apparently he wouldn't do that for just anyone.

I like having breakfast with Darkside.