July 22nd, 2001

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I just had a six hour chat yesterday with my old friend Dave, the one in Germany.

What is it about me and online relationships with guys named David?

I swear, though. If he and I are both single the next time we see each other, he's giving me a backrub... and we'll just have to see how it goes for the rest. There will be a "rest," rest assured, but we're not quite sure what the extent of it will be.

He's lonely there. He hasn't been off post looking for cute girls, and all the other women around are privates, so in order to behave as an officer and a gentleman, he has to hit on me long-distance.

The military hasn't killed his spirit. He's still quite a lot the guy he was in fencing five years ago. He's four years older than I am. As I recall, I got that out of him when I was trying to figure out how old he was, so I'd know how legal it would be. He was trying to get my age out of me for the same reason, at the same time, and we both independently concluded in disgust that it wouldn't be legal for us to even look crosswise at each other if my parents should get pissy about it.

We crossed paths again in 1998, my first year of college, and I was all ready to start hitting on him, but just in time my keen eye noticed that he was standing a lot closer to Tracy that he would have been if they'd just been brother and sister in arms (they were both taking part in a ROTC demonstration of how to fall off tall buildings with ropes) and instead cheerily told him that HSBF and I had finally hit it off and were quasi-together. He halfheartedly cheered me on.

The next time we collided with each other was in September or October of 2000, when my then-fiance BJ was doing a film shoot on a fan film that the local Star Trek club was putting together. Somehow I ended up in a major tickle fight with Dave, one that made all the previous tickle wars I'd been in look like kiddie stuff. My fiance was present, and more importantly his pal Swift, so I couldn't get too carried away. (BJ and I had an interesting arrangement ... quasi-poly, but not quite; I had to review any extramarital relationship he had; he trusted my judgment. Swift is somewhat more conservative though.) Dave looked like he was losing the tickle fight, and finally fled to the sanctuary of his car. I followed. He said goodnight to me and left the scene of the battle.

Later that night at home, BJ told me that Dave had had a crush on me ever since fencing class, but hadn't acted on it since he didn't think I felt the same way, and besides I'd only been 16.

I beat the hell out of BJ with a pillow.

Some months later, I got Dave's e-mail address from Swift and we began chatting. We brought up the subject of old flames. Somehow...

So yesterday we had a six-hour chat.
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"Back off, lady. I'm NOT afraid to use this."

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So, basically, Dave and I were chatting, and we started getting flirtatious... but instead of just leaving it at that level, I didn't leave well enough alone... and I inquired after that backrub he'd promised me...

things got a touch steamier from there. Suffice to say that I was glad the door was closed and locked, though not much did happen... I was just blushing ferociously. I'm not accustomed to hearing this sort of thing from this Dave...

We shared a few stories, and now we're going to see when it's practical to get together (never mind that I'm in Arizona and he's stationed in Germany for the next few years) because we can't leave this thing unresolved. He's lonely. I'm lonely. This has been going on for five years, and we haven't done anything about it until now. That's a lot of energy built up. He's been incredibly attracted to me, and I to him... why haven't we done anything about it before?

Well, now I think we may just have the chance.
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Romance Update

So, basically, it's another waiting game.

Dave and I are going to hook up when we ever see each other again... from our reactions to each other over the internet, it sounds like it's going to be an epic reunion taking hours, requiring that no one be within hearing distance, especially not small children.

One small problem:

Dave is Army. Dave is in Germany.
Joanie is not Army. Joanie is in Arizona.

We don't know if his next leave will be at any time that I'll be off school... we don't know where he's going when he does get leave... he may just stay in Europe, as getting here from there is a bit of a pain, especially when you've got a limited time to do it in. Going back to Alaska from Germany burns three days of leave right there.

I've got a cunning plan in any case.

I hate to sound like a manipulative slitch. I really do. But I happen to be one, deep down inside.

Dave knows fairly well what the score is on Darkside. If Darkside decides to pounce me and stuff like that, then HELL YEAH am I going to accept it ... I haven't been going after the guy for *no* reason at all...

...but Dave gives me motivation to chill out on Darkside, which I really and severely need to do. Darkside'll calm down if I'm not leering at him 99.9% of the time... maybe it'll give my evil ploys a chance to sink in. I was soundly chewed out for trying to force things with Darkside... did I mention that Sis can see right through me? And in any case, if Darkside is going after me, and I'm going after Dave, that will give Darkside motivation to be *better* than Dave... or something.

Is anyone familiar with the psychology of the Darkside? Help?