July 24th, 2001

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Your money, my money, everybody's money

It's afternoon already, and I'm still having a long day. I slept an hour extra this morning, in Economics class. That is not going to be a good class for me... I've got Ms. Plummer, and she is the sweetest lady ever. Unfortunately her voice is also the voice of someone's grandmother reading a bedtime story, and *zonk!* I am out for a nap just like that. I wake up to find my face nearly in my own cleavage, leaning chest-first against the desk and almost snoring.

I'm going to have to do a lot of reading from the book in that class.

Ooops, sorry... that's *Accounting* class. Econ I've got Adelman, this retired Lt. Col. who's awesomely cool and keeps me wide awake.
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running, bomb tech

Darkside in my morning

I came to school later than I'm really supposed to. His first class was at seven today, Website Development, or some such thing. Since that's a lab, the first two hours are labs in fact, I was able to tag along and did help him greatly with his homework. Said homework was to surf the web and come up with several examples of really bad websites. He was stressing over that. I came up with a few prime examples, including my own workplace in the "Pretty pictures but no real content" category, and this evil place (thank you, I think, Kit) in the "Very excessively long page that really ought to be put onto at least ten to twenty smaller pages" category.

Darkside was haaaaappy.

I've been bouncing up and down and talking about Dave a rather lot, which has calmed down Darkside toward me considerably. I was pushing too hard.

I finished with the Accounting lab very quickly and came back to say hello to Darkside in his lab again. I walked him to his next class, and he rehashed the plot of another cheezy movie I'll never see to me. He enjoys having an audience, and since he's seen a lot more movies than I ever will, I am quite ideal.

It's completely awesome when we look at each other and grin into each other's eyes. Perfect friendship. Just perfect. I'm back to being calmer about him around him, not as sexually frustrated. Maybe if I split my sexual frustration between Dave and Darkside, concentrating on Dave, since Dave is ready and willing, just not in the same country...
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I swear, the critters in this area know that here is the place to go when they need hugs and love and taking care of. Nephew spotted a bird in the bushes; it was a little sparrow, fallen out of the nest, too small to fly. Sis brought it (a female, it later proved to be) home and was setting up a place for it when I barged in from class.

I offered to try to get some water in her. It's probably not generally known here on LJ, but my family raised chickens, and so I have lots of experience holding tiny chicks. So I held her, and dripped water off my fingertip onto her beak. It became rather apparent that she was probably going to end up being my bird.

She got promptly named Ishtar, and is now sitting in a box lined with shredded paper towels. The box is on the counter next to the microwave, and has a sheet of fabric that would have gone into my bridal veil over-top of it, to first make sure that Ishtar doesn't get too exploratory, and second, that Shammash doesn't do the same.
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