July 26th, 2001

running, bomb tech

more Dave

Was going to crash early last night. Failed to: Dave came online. We talked until nearly three. I was zoning out toward the end. We got some serious talk in there in the midst of everything else.

Dave says go for the local guy: have fun with him online, because everyone needs there to be someone to talk with and have fun with, but go for Darkside.

I got two and a half hours of sleep. Fortunately I only have one class this morning. After Darkside goes to his classes, I plan on crashing on the couch in the TV pit.

And in the daily entertainment, from the Sith Academy, a line that could be many of my friends: "Aspen, Darth Yes It's a Real Sword, No You May Not Hold It, Because It's a Real Sword, No It's Not a Toy, No I've Never Killed Anybody (But That Could Change), Where Are Your Parents?"
running, bomb tech



this morning's amusement with Darkside included an empty plastic water bottle. he doesn't let me fall asleep when i've done something dumb like stay up all night talking with Dave.

(don't read this, darkside, but i love you.)

I need to get all my polyamory sorted out but fast. I mentioned it to Dave last night, the habit i have of falling for multiple people at once. who knows what he thought. i'll discuss it with him sometime later. i was too tired; we were having too much fun chatting what we were chatting.

think i'll wander off and get nap now, before i completely crash.

(i love you, darkside.)
running, bomb tech


Came home, helped Sis clean out Nephew's toy collection and move the incense and candles to one central location, ate lunch, crashed, and am now revving myself up to go to class.

Cat is locked in the bathroom as maintenance guy is replacing bits of the sink, and cat was being a hyper PROBLEM.

I think I've fallen for them both. This could be excessively strange. Hopefully they'll get along as well as Ree and I did, once upon a time...