July 29th, 2001

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Webcam Mayhem

Those of my friends who occasionally check up on what the rest of my friends are doing may have already found that there is difficulty between one particular couple...

You see, because there was money left in the budget, and I was shopping at Sam's Club, I made an entirely silly purchase: a little digital camera, the type that plugs into your USB port or goes on its own and uploads its memories to your computer.

But in any case, I got the camera.

After discovering to my complete unhappiness that it and Win2000 did not play well together, I contacted a software developer at Microsoft (old school ties pay off very well) and he helped me navigate the evils of computer company websites and got me the Win2K driver for my little camera.

The first thing I decided to do was take a picture of myself, once I got the thing working, (I had to reboot a couple times, mostly because I had to reinstall the driver for the DSL modem) was to take a picture of myself and the cat. I got that. I showed Sis. Sis made happy noises and proceeded to take a picture of herself and the cat. The cat was uncooperative and kept blurring the picture by moving at the wrong moment.

Sis finally let the cat go and the cat wandered off and crashed on some blankets. "Awww," Sis said. "Just look at him."

We discovered that the camera did indeed have a long enough cord to reach over and get a picture of the sleeping kitten.

The trouble started when I sent a mischievous AIM message to my pal over in AJ regarding the new camera and this picture I wanted to send him. Now you see, he'd sent me a few naughty downloads before, some rather interesting files, and when I said I had a picture of my "soft, warm pussy," he was all for it.


Of course, programs being programs, it turned out that the program I'd saved the photo with was incompatible with all the programs he had. It was saved as a .tif, but somehow his program couldn't read it... though my friend in Alaska, to whom I'd sent the same picture, had seen the thing just fine. We decided to troubleshoot. Of course...

Well, my dear friend Millarca is *not* good with computers. She's a sweet girl and I love her to death, but...

Azure Lunatic says:
hey dear? what did you just open those files I sent you with? Jase wants to know; he's having a bitch of a time.
Millarca says:
a photo of you
Millarca says:
that's what there was
Azure Lunatic says:
no, what *program* did you use?
Millarca says:
no clue
Azure Lunatic says:
to view the file?
Millarca says:
i think we have adobe photoshop
Azure Lunatic says:
Um, open it again and look?
Millarca says:
how do i tell what program it is?
Azure Lunatic says:
um, what does it say in the title bar?
Millarca says:
Millarca says:
or maybe you mean Kodak?
Azure Lunatic says:
Millarca says:
Azure Lunatic says:
when the program starts up, does it show a picture of like something green, and over that does it say "kodak imaging for windows"?
Millarca says:
Azure Lunatic says:
what does it say when the program starts up?
Millarca says:
Millarca says:
just gives me the pic
Azure Lunatic says:
go to "help" and see if there's something called "about."
Azure Lunatic says:
If there is, select it.
Millarca says:
Imaging for Windows previes
Millarca says:
Millarca says:
Provided to microsoft by Eastman Software, Inc., A Kodak Business
Azure Lunatic says:
ah. Thank you dear.

Same program. (Gods I love that girl, but she can be a bit terminally clueless.) So I translate the thing to .jpg and e-mail him that, which he can read.

Apparently after this, the guy goes and tells his girlfriend all about it. It would have been an awesome prank if only he'd been a bit more sensitive and picked a time when she wasn't feeling particularly sensitive and generally emotionally torn apart by rabid wolverines.

"She's mad," the guy reported back to me, complete with a copy/paste chat log.

I open up a new AIM window. First of all, it's a CAT I write to her.

We proceed to have an evil little conversation, at some point during which I send her a photograph.

None of your business what the photograph is.

But for whatever reason, she decided that she'd had by far *enough* with his pranks and mistimed sense of humor, and broke it off with him.

He's not too happy, and I don't really think it's sunk in that it's through quite yet.

We'll see. If the relationship recovers, it recovers. If it doesn't, then it doesn't. I just hope it works out well in the end for both of them... they're both generally nice (well, definitions of "nice" differ, but I consider them both "nice") people.



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Phone sex

Well, I thought I was through with that job.


You see, I was doing a survey today... with a guy about 16 or 17 years old...

he started trying to have phone sex with me. It was hysterically funny. Having been the real deal for a while, however short, I found his attempts pathetic at best, and hysterically funny. I had a giggling fit for about five minutes. Jose asked me if I was OK, the Jose in Darkside's class group. I was -- I was just ... oy. That was funny and sick all at the same time.

This kid thought that he was the shit. He was just a silly little dumbfuck. Gods. What a poser. Him and his bored-ass little friends, with nothing better to do than harrass a telephone surveyor...

Yeah, I'm one of the lowest forms of life on earth. It's my goddamn job though. Ah well.

It was funny as all hell.