July 30th, 2001

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Speaking of computer literacy...

It's like the blind leading the blind. Good goddamn.

Millarca says:
do you know how I turn the wallpaper I just downloaded and saved to a file into wallpaper on my comp?
Azure Lunatic says:
put it in the same folder as the rest of the wallpaper, Pinky.
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Another good chat with Dave. Have been coy and have not sent him any nude pictures. Not really, at least. The one picture was only shoulders and face; the other one was only shoulders and face and furthermore had a towel. He was sufficiently intrigued.

This is getting interesting. He is getting frustrated, but tells me that Darkside has to give in soon ... or else I'll give in and just pounce Darkside.
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crashing off hormone high

...or at least I should be.

Chatted three hours with Dave last night. Collapsed on couch with second monitor and second keyboard and giggled at him over seven thousand miles. Sent him some seductive pictures last night: not very revealing at all but so *completely* myself that his attention was totally riveted.

Picture#1: me from a little below the shoulders and up, no visible clothing, hair wet and all over the place, just out of the shower, looking up and directly into the camera and smiling.

Picture#2: me from the side, towel wrapped around my neck and concealing all of my front, looking at the computer and smiling.

I personally think that the first picture is the better one. He likes them both. He's encouraging me to continue my camera art. He suggested complete, full-body nudity. I made a flirtatious comment back and decided to tease the hell out of him first -- me, lying on the couch looking in the general direction of the computer, wearing a sheet. That ought to be enough for his brain to process for a couple more days... and furthermore, I'll only e-mail it to him the next time I see him online.
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Sore Hands, Warmed Heart

Breakfast with Darkside. Arm-wrestled. I lost, and lost so thoroughly that Darkside's fingerprints were still on my hand half an hour later. Thumb-wrestled. I won. Played that game where you clasp hands, fingers interlaced, and squeeze as hard as you can to see if you can make the other person give up in pain. A draw.

General grinning back and forth. Darkside was indeed pissed about me staying up most of the night to talk with Dave. I'm not surprised. "You know, it's your fault," he said. "You were the one who stayed up that late. If you'd just gone to bed instead of being on the internet all night..."

Sure, Darkside dear. Sure. He didn't mention Dave's name again.
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Vulcan Neck Pinch Before Class

Okay, so it's not fun to most people. Darkside and I aren't "most people." We happen to have class in the same general area of the school at ten in the mornings on Monday, so at five minutes until ten this morning, we were visible standing outside his classroom talking about cellphones, about moving and how he was right in the middle of it, about life and class and the fire alarm on the wall and how he should not pull it; about assorted mayhem.

Between the two of us, the two-fingered "come here" motion has come to mean: Come within my effective range for easy hand to hand combat, and I will do something to you.. When Darkside kept on going on about the fire alarm, I was forced to beckon him close. I proceeded to demonstrate a highly ineffective method of mock-strangulation that nevertheless provided a rather lot of skin to skin contact.

Darkside will keep encouraging me to try to place my hands properly on his neck until I get it right most of the time. I have not-been-learning on purpose. There's a method to my madness...

He proceeded to demonstrate the Vulcan Neck Pinch on me. I tried it on him. He tried it on me again, and I fell over theatrically.

. . .

When our hands lace together naturally when we face each other; when a smile on my face brings a smile to his just as naturally as a smile on his brings a smile to mine; when he comes up behind me and throws an arm around me and gives my shoulders a squeeze to say hello; when I am sure enough in myself to love him right --- then I will give myself to the magnetic hold we have on each other and kiss him.

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The Assault Upon The Efficiency of the Armed Forces

Here's the best of the photos I sent Dave:

That grin is for him, and him alone. ... Well, OK, and for Darkside too.

Note: If the picture is down, it's because Yahoo is a complete bimbo. See the comments for a more reliable way of getting there.