July 31st, 2001

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Actual Sleep

Went to bed around ten/eleven last night. Heck, even the kid went to bed after I did. I crashed totally and completely and slept (dreaming, but I can't remember the dreams, except I believe my Dave showed up) until my alarm clock got my attention around five-thirty. Took shower, glanced at MSN to make sure Dave hadn't written (he hadn't) and left for school late but awake and happy...

Darkside got there early. He was there for an hour without me. Poor Darkside. He's in the process of moving...he and his parents are now *out* of the old house but not *in* to the new one... they are staying at a temporary hotel/apartment situation in the meantime. He overestimated the amount of time it would take him to get to school. I told him the hours of the house, when someone's up... he may or may not stop by.

We are chilling in the computer lab now... we've exchanged schedules...

Taking Dave's advice, I lean close when he shows me things on his computer. My face can feel the heat radiating from his shoulder when I watch what he's doing online. And he beckons me over rather often, so I can check out some bit of anime-related humor or corporate horror he's found... I'm almost touching him...

Other than that, it's a beautiful morning out there, a really beautiful morning. Humidity is up, so my nose isn't drying out horribly, thank the gods.

Didn't talk with Dave last night. I slept instead.

I must clarify the whole situation with Dude. He's not technically living here with us, even though he's effectively our roommate. What happened was, he needed a job *fast* at the same time he needed to move the more portable of his things out of the apartment where he lives. So he baby-sits for us full-time. We can't pay him much, but it's enough so that he has at least a little spare cash.

It looks like Dude's roommate situation is worsening... he's having his mail shipped to our place; he's filling out the paperwork and will be actually *moving in* rather than just spending most of his time either here or at Chick's house.

Argh. Poor guy. I'm glad that if all goes as planned he won't have to deal with those... apes ... anymore.
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Nudity, the proper application of

I was planning on sending Dave a series of pictures, each one increasingly barer, over a series of weeks, until eventually, I was nude, but Sis nixed the idea.

First of all, I don't particularly need nude pictures of me floating around the web. Unless I decided to encrypt the thing, you just know that some enterprising soul would poke around and divert a copy of the e-mail and use it on some website or something.

And besides, if he really wants to see me completely nude, he can always visit Arizona when he gets leave.

I remember one of Piers Anthony's books stating, also, that the character had no idea why complete nudity was considered to be sexier than partial nudity, as with partial nudity there was mystery and the hint of the forbidden.

So I'm just going to stick to the "increasingly barer" ... but stretch the time scale. I'm going to use the Theiss Theory of Titillation ... William Theiss, the guy who costumed the Original Series Star Trek... you've got to remember all those "Hello, I am a sexy alien female, and my clothes are falling off" outfits... and perhaps show bits of myself that he might not normally see, but aren't traditionally considered sexy...

Oh yes.

This will be fun.
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Wooden Swords & the Wiccan Wrestling Federation

Darkside visited after school today. He had his wooden sword with him, and he didn't have to work, and neither did I, so he came over to fight with me. First we tried fighting inside. This did not work very well. The house is really too small to fight inside, and Nephew kept getting in the way.

As seems to be the usual case, Darkside and I ended up sitting on the couch next to each other, trying to find the most creative ways to kill each other with wooden swords and martial arts hand to hand combat stuff. I usually end up dead all over him. He doesn't brush me off, only redirects the sword when it gets dangerously close to places that would be painful if mashed.

We sat there on the couch with the swords locked together. I sliced off his legs, then reached over and touched his chest with claws outstretched. I made a tearing motion, and held up his heart in my hand. "Ack!" he said, and died in true theatrical fashion. "Now would you give me back my heart?"

I did so. He reached out and to my chest. He kept it clean and wrenched my heart from me.... and proceeded to toss it across the room. "Hey!" I said, after dying.

"Go and get it," he said.

"How am I supposed to?" I said. "I'm dead!"

He walked across the room and retrieved my heart. He played hackey-sack with it for a while. He tossed it in my general direction, but it bounced off towards the door. "Give it here," I said. He went after it and tossed it at me. I pressed it back into my chest and proceeded to beat his ass with the sword again.

I hold his left hand away from the sword while I try to claim from his grasping right hand, and our clasped hands lie over his groin. As carefully schooled by Dave, I do not notice. His hand is on the bottom, anyway, and our hands lie to the far side, so it is the side of my arm on the interesting place. My wrist lies across his pants loosely enough so I cannot tell whether there is increased blood flow to that part of him or not. I grapple after the sword. Great fun is had by all.

He decides it is time to leave if he wants lunch. I walk with him to the door and pause there in the frame as he walks toward his car. "Well, are you coming or not?" he asks, indicating his sword. Apparently we are to battle in the parking lot.

My face lights up and I join him. We kick each other's asses for some time. We are cheered on by random passers-by. "Skewer him!" hollers one guy. Darkside takes advantage of my distraction and stabs me in the side.

Darkside finally puts his wooden blade away in the trunk, after failing to surprise-attack me several times. "You still don't trust me, do you," he said, after turning around to find me still on my guard.

"No," I said, perfectly cheerfully, and kept the sword between us.

He came up and tried to take the blade away. This devolved into a wrestling match, with the blade as the contested object. I found my arms wrapped about him tightly, pressing into him. His neck was bared toward me, and it was all I could do to not kiss it...

It felt like ballroom dancing. He commented on this. Ballroom dancing usually doesn't come equipped with a sword, though, and we ended up tangled worse.

He did have to go and get lunch, though, so I headed back for the house as he got into his mom's car (his own car has broken windshield wipers, and has worse gas mileage, so he's been borrowing hers, as she's out of driving commission with a fractured ankle anyway) and left.

I returned to the house absolutely glowing, with a smirk on my face.

"Aww, did Joanie get kissed?" Dude wanted to know.

No, Joanie had not gotten kissed.

"Wow. Just from the way you're looking, it looks like you just got kissed," Dude said.

"Oh, don't worry about it," Sis said. "She will soon enough."


That was at least four hours ago. I'm still glowing.
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...is tomorrow.

Really ought to do my research in order to come up with a nice little breakfast morning ceremony fit for a public cafeteria for two people.

This is the first year I've really been Wiccan and practicing and observing the holidays.

Before, I just observed the Solstices, because that was what my parents did... this is my first year really on my own, and ....

...it's time I did this.

Besides, if I don't, Darkside won't have anyone to celebrate Lammas with. He doesn't have the range of contacts that I have; he and Sis don't see each other much anymore.

I've got to do something about that.
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