August 6th, 2001

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As I walked home from work today [Saturday], a car pulled up and swooped into the turn-in to the bank near the apartment complex. It was Sis and her mother and Nephew in her mother's car.

"Hey, want a ride?"

The pilgrimage was going forth to find Sis a bed.

Apparently this [Saturday] morning Sis had woken up with a premonition: the bed that she, Nephew, Dude, and Chick all shared (she and Nephew on the bottom bunk; Dude and Chick snuggled into the top) was not only creaky and spiky and prone to stabbing people, but flagrantly unsafe and unfit to be slept in lest it collapse and kill or injure everyone.

We got completely lost in attempting to find the place we were looking for that sold beds, but she finally located a Room Store and a nice sturdy bunkbed.

Some banana split mishaps later, we (Dude, Chick, Sis, and I) are setting to take apart the old unsafe bed.

"Phillips!" Dude demands, holding out his hand as if for a medical tool.

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running, bomb tech


Code and machine language. Microcosm, macrocosm. Icons, archetypes.

the stepping stones.

walking on coals to improve my business acumen.

Sis has given me a necklace.
running, bomb tech


Albertson's was having a $1.99/lb sale on London Broil the other day. Chick and I got some.

"Hey, Dude, how are you at cooking?" I asked.

"Okay," he said cautiously.

"Do you feel up to tackling a ... London Broil?" I asked.

He collapsed in laughter. It seems that he cracks up like this because he's rather addicted to the play The Odd Couple.

When he recovered, "No, I'm not up to playing Felix Unger for a day," he said.

So I took the frozen meat, shaved off slices, and prepared it with a truncated version of my father's special sauce (soy sauce, rice vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder, and a little oil) and fried it up and smoked up the whole house and it was delicious.

Nephew didn't eat any. He didn't want any.

Dude snarfed his portion. Sis had gotten some dinner at work and wasn't hungry, but ate the rest the next day, after Chick had snagged some as well.

I can cook?
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Pain and Suffering

I'm going to see if I can't get my CD burner working on my system again. Since it was working before I crashed the goddamn thing, it ought to work again if I reinstall it, right?


Did I mention the Bachelor Apartment from Hell to y'all ever? Half my clothes are still there, as is most likely the install CD for my Microsoft Streets & Trips 2K+1, as ... unfortunately ... is the install CD for the CDRW.


Lost. Couldn't find it when I moved out.

So when I got here, Dude downloaded the appropriate files from the manufacturer and installed said CD burner on his system. Worked like a dream.

Now it's my turn.

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For great justice: the user manual

In order to ensure that I do not severely fuck things over on my computer, I am taking the manufacturer's recommendation and uninstalling any previous versions of drivers for this device that may be on my computer.

Here is the text of the manual that came along with the driver uninstaller. On the whole, not a bad translation of the intended effect, or so I am to assume before running the program.

All our base are belong to Acer?

Acer USB driver Un-install Procedure. ( Ver. 1.09 )

This is the manual for Un-install program of V1.09 ( Setup_Uninstall.exe ), not suit to other version.
The Uninstall Program can remove all Acer USB drivers without you ever installed successful or failed. When you want to upgrade the USB driver or install the new driver, please run the program firstly.

1. Run "Setup_Uninstall.exe " directly, and you would see the following messages.




2. When you see the Fig.3, please select " Choose Uninstall component " and click " Next " button to executive the Un-install function.


4. Then you would get the following message to show that you already un-install all older driver in you system. After Re-boot your system, you would keep your system as clean condition which no any Acer USB device drivers.

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