August 7th, 2001

running, bomb tech

About 5 minutes remaining

Getting a beta version of a new operating system for my machine. Not sure how it's going to work, but it's a person I trust when it comes to computers giving it to me, so I should hope it works well.

Still don't have the burner running.

Started this download from the guy (one of my many Daves) at about ten last night. Woke up in the middle of the night (ten till four) and saw that it was about 90% done and still chugging merrily away.

Woke up at five-twenty-seven to notice that oooooops, the download had been terminated -- somebody had disconnected. It said that it was Dave's fault, but -- checking, trying to send a message -- it seemed that it was my AIM that had logged me off.

I fumed.

Fortunately, this thing resumes downloads, if it's the same filename, from the same source.

We'll see how this works.
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running, bomb tech

The Daily Humor from

> > Well, it's official. The next Star Wars movie is to be called Star
> > Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones

> Dumb.

> Here are my suggestions for a better title.

> How the Sith Got Their Groove Back
> Spanking the Jedi
> Return of Jay and Silent Bob
> 99 Ways to Conceive Twins
> The Galaxy According to Anakin
> Another Battle Above a Very Deep Pit
> Amidala of Green Gables
> 101 Mandalorians
> JarJar Goes to Hell
> Obi-Wan the Clone Slayer
> Will Beat Matrix's Effects This Time
> Planet of the Geonosians
> National Lampoon's Tatooine Vacation

> Sarah
> Darth Slaughter the Marketeers
running, bomb tech

Tasty little squid-bits

I've never tried calamari. Sis is making some today.

I hated meatloaf until I tried hers. I am not especially fond of green beans, but when she cooks them, they are so gone.

I think she's finally found a food that I do not touch with a ten foot pole, not even if it is she that does the cooking.
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running, bomb tech


Tried it.

She came in holding a very small piece of breaded squid. I took it, bit off a small corner, and handed the rest of the piece back.

I don't think I'm a squid person. I don't like fish in the first place....
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