August 17th, 2001

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"Date or date not; there is no 'let's just friends be.'"

I offered Neighbor the clue-by-four; he accepted the clue-by-four. No, he's not interested; yes, we will be friends.

Makes life a lot more simple.

Not sure if I'll tell Darkside, though, that there will be nothing happening between myself and Neighbor. Might make Darkside worried a little to see me giving away vast chunks of my attention span like I am. He's truly got nothing to worry about. If he should make a move, he'd have me for as long as he cared to keep me. Until he makes a move, I'm a free agent and may laugh in the computer lab with any person I please to.

If Darkside should ask if there's anything going on between myself and Neighbor, though, I will of course tell him the truth.

It would be interesting, to see what would happen then. If Darkside should ask that --

"So why do you come here so early in the morning before your classes start, anyway?"
"Because I enjoy hanging out with you at breakfast."

The unspoken is becoming spoken, one after another.
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Sephiroth pizza

Y'know how Malkuth is divided in quarters when drawn: citrine, olive, black, russet? well, Sis asked me to please draw it for her, as she's not artistically inclined.

It took me so long to make time for it, or remember to do it when I had the time, that she'd forgotten what she wanted it for. So now we've got a rather large paper representation of Malkuth floating around....

and what does Nephew call it? A pizza, of course, since it's round and divided in slices.
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Darkside got the Stormbringer RPG manual yesterday, finally, and we spent all breakfast looking it over. He showed me the best selected bits of it, as usual. He was working on a character. Looks like a very powerful mage, et cetera.

Today Neighbor told me that he appreciates very much the fact that I hit him with the clue-by-four. He'd been guessing, but I took all the guesswork out of it, and we dealt with it on a very adult level. We grinned and laughed about that.

He's going to be over tomorrow while Sis and I are both out -- Nephew needs a babysitter, and he's got the day free, with nothing planned with his other friends. He'd stay at home with the Playstation in that case, and why not hang out in our apartment with Nephew and our nicer, larger TV? This way, Chick and Dude can have a day to themselves together, which they do need.

There was some clobber over head this morning at breakfast. Darkside's sorry I'm feeling so lousy, and only half-jokingly requested that I give him the cold, when I told him it was bad enough that I'm taking the day off from work. I said that this could be arranged, and grinned at him, with teeth.

Back when I was multiple, one of me was named Azure Lunatic. That one of me was a vampire. Malkavian, to be precise. The rest of me were mostly human: Joan/i/ie-prime, Shanna, and then the shy one. In the merge, J-prime pretty much disappeared; she was a semitransparent "front" personality, I think... a very simple and easy to predict set of responses that was all that most people got to know of the whole Collective.

But in any case, Azz was the crazy one, and she had the most unsettling smile that involved a lot of teeth. It usually meant that either she had noticed something that was made of wood, or she was about to bite, or she had a fiendish plan. As much as Malkavians ever can be said to have plans.

Darkside, when faced with that identical grin, declined to know my cunning plan for getting him out of going to work that day.
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Ack. I'm sick.

Not sure if I'm running a fever or not. It's collected in the back of my throat, my sinuses some, and definitely in my upper chest. I feel miserable, tired, and extremely cranky. I am severely ticked at Dude, who has left me to keep sole watch over Nephew for an unknowable length of time starting at five minutes. Supposedly he and Chick will be back in short order; Chick and I are going to cash my paycheck and submit other errands to our wills.

I should not be alone with small children when my temper's as short a fuse as it is right now. I'm hearkening back to my early high school days when it was this short the majority of the time, and I swore up and down then that I would never have children for fear my temper was as bad as my father's, so that my children would never know a parent with that capability for rage.

The worst I've ever done to a child in a rage like this was use sharp words and then collapse in a corner upon myself and weep -- the fear remains, but it's not as scary as it was then. I still ought not to be watching Nephew by myself.

ah. they're back.


I'm still weaker than all get-out. I hope to sleep a long time tonight. Been sleeping this afternoon. My voice is mostly back.
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Life is delicious.


In the subject area of experimental cookery, I decided today to prepare some nice warm curried rice with assorted veggies and chicken. Overall, the green beans are a little oversoaked in lemon, and there's not quite enough chicken to go around, but I think I did fairly well, considering as this is the first time I've made the stuff.

Nephew ate the rice up with some haste. Sis likes cooking with curry. Mmmm.... I think we're going to get on just fine.
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