August 21st, 2001

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Green Thumb

I am so going to mash That Woman.

The other day I bought some markers and paints and stuff for Nephew, as Sis doesn't seem to have that sort of stuff around. I was raised with paper and pens and markers and paints and stuff all over, so I feel it's only fair that Nephew get that opportunity too, even if it is a bit belated.

Me. Nephew. Sis. One of those very very cheap boxes of watercolor paint for elementary school students. The very small concrete patio outside the sliding glass doors. Paper. Brushes. Two large containers of water.

"I don't wanna paint!" quoth Nephew.
"And why don't you want to paint, honey?" asks his mother.
"It's too much work!"

Sis and I look at each other. Where the hell did that come from? I want to know.
"Those are [That Woman]'s exact words..." Sis says dangerously.

She tries coaxing Nephew to pick up the brush and draw with it. Seeing as he's reluctant to draw with markers and crayons, even, I decided that this would never work, since he said "No!" stubbornly.

I tried a different tactic.

I dipped my finger in the water, and scrubbed it on the paint. I pressed my finger on the paper.

Nephew's interest was engaged.

I did it again.

Messy, and easy. Nephew jumped right in, getting paint all over the place.

After a while, I picked up the paintbrush he'd said was "too much work" before. "And if you want to get more paint on the paper at one time, you can use this," I said. "It holds more paint than your finger can.

Nephew was intrigued. I concentrated on getting him to put color on the paper rather than making shapes with the color on the paper.

Crawl before you can run. Nephew sees me, artistically, running; he's intimidated.

The next technique I taught was the "splat". Take brush, load brush with paint, "splat" brush on paper. Makes a lovely mess.

After at least four large sheets of paper were completely covered with paint, Nephew got more interested in splashing paint-water at the cat through the screen door. I decided it was time to go change for work; I left Dude to supervise the water-play. Nephew ended up playing with water in the bathtub instead of playing with water on the porch at the cat. Much better.

I think he likes paint now. I'm also rather certain that Sis will be getting finger-paint for Nephew at the next opportunity. Finger-paint is fun!
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Netscape Navigator

Darkside was playing with HTML and his resume, for class. He had to print out what it looked like with Netscrape; Netscrape was not working on his computer.

Watching someone else learn to write in HTML is much more fun than doing it yourself.
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I attended the IEEE meeting today at lunchtime. It was very nice to be able to do that. I haven't felt that kind of engineering aura for the longest time, not since I was small and hanging out with my dad's friends.

Cured a lot of my homesickness right there.

I'm taking Nephew to the IEEE mini-meeting next week.

I took a look at the person doing the presentation. He graduated from my school two years ago.

That's where the money's at.

I want to be there when I'm out of school. I want that kind of job.

I also felt the incredible seductive pull of "devices" in that room. Engineers have this common love for little gadgets. I'm prey to that lure too. There are so many devices that I could really use, and they could all be made a lot smaller and put into one little handy-dandy little Swiss Army Device...
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the green-eyed monster

The Circle is healed.

We all sat down together today for a few minutes, just laughing and chatting and talking about the idiocy involved for someone to be able to open a gate and then forget to close it. This is a story I heard from a lady at work, who once dated the unfortunate who did this. Sis and Darkside and I at one table in the cafeteria, acting sillier than ... well.

I ran off to English class grinning, and proceeded to design T-shirts for the Armchair Magicians Club. Sis thought it was a wonderful idea, and ran with it. We've got four now, after all, at DeVry... Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

Now, if only we can wake Water up early enough in the mornings to come to breakfast, and Earth likewise...

...but honestly, I like having breakfast alone with Darkside.

Darkside made an overture of friendship today to Neighbor. Darkside was retrieving something from the printer, and made a handwritten note on it, and then showed the comment to Neighbor, saying "See? I'm a CIS major. My handwriting sucks," or words to that effect.

Since that's the most in the way of verbiage he's exchanged with Neighbor, and more than he exchanges with most people in his class group, even, I think that's a good sign.
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Wind; Earth; lotus incense drying into my hair

Test in CIS class. Answered and am waiting in the computer lab for the rest of the class to finish. Am slowly printing out the Book of Lies.

Of that;

To those lies, I answer only:

the wind hitting the face under the shadow of the tree
humble shoes on the feet
heel flapped open
metal eyelets scorching
as the path walks me to school
the wind
the wind