August 23rd, 2001

running, bomb tech


Today, an amusing little incident.

Sis and Darkside and I stood in the hallway talking, the silly speeches of young adult Practitioners who haven't been together in a long time.

Shrimpy comes up and starts talking to me, right in the middle of something Darkside's saying.

"Not now dear, I'm busy," I tell Shrimpy automatically.

I continue to listen to Darkside, who cracks up.
running, bomb tech


a scrap, of a larger, more important thing:

a middle aged man, [ ], tells me the importance of acting in your dreams: to try, for example, making love to Darkside, or any number of other things. he is narrating; i am in a classroom waiting to talk to teacher; [ ] does not appear to be there or be the teacher.

just then Sis busts in, showing off her belt and announcing that she wears no underpants at the moment under her very tight jeans. the rivets on the belt prove to be screws that need a hex driver to move.
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Learning some things about the modern precursors of ectogenesis.

I have to get a good background in things medical in order to write the technical stuff, I guess.

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running, bomb tech

small household explosions, and new taste treats

Salt shaker, with vinegar inside, and then baking soda in a kleenex under the lid. Shake, and explode.

Less messily, have visible salt and hidden pepper, and visa versa. Confuses the hell out of most people.
running, bomb tech

Dinner Again



Ought to end up at least edible. Not sure who-all will be attending dinner. Neighbor, it seems, has not been eating much except when he's at our house. He's been trying to pull rent by himself, whereas Sis and I have each other and Chick and Dude all trying to scrape it through together.

We will survive, eh?